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rumor toy

V: talking behind my back
i hear everything you say
used to cry about it
but now I'm ok

V: i hate the way you talk
about me the way you do
gonna get yours someday
someones gonna get back at you

C: you need to get a life
need to get a clue
i need to get away
away away from you
and now i got one thing to say
leave me alone stay out of my life
its not yours I'm not yours

B: not yours

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i hate this ---being single i mean

i am 14 single... need, love....or pretzals...hmmmm...i am a spaz and a loser...i guess that is why noone likes me in that =way...:(

as always...jamie

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why cant i find a girl ......or a guy for that matter

i wish sum1 loved me.......
if ya wanna talk im me at monkiesdizz-(aim)


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