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Tricky Boy

The Muse in Black steps up to the Mic
and seated gently strokes the keys
His breath is caught
his eyes are Locked
but still
he's cool, has to stay cool
as he takes a Drag
and his pipe-smoke
tangles with her accent.
Such a Dark Beauty, he says,
with tortured lyrics filling floor to ceiling.
With rising lights come courage:
Come away with me, he whispers,
I can cease the sorrow.
Tricky Boy, she smirks.

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Back from the Dead.

SO hey.
After two years of evolving and growing up, I'm back.
I seriously doubt I was missed, as I did one incomplete journal Entry and disappeared.
Any way. The Last thing I blogged about- it became a non issue. I moved on from English, to another useless crush on a Straight Girl, to now, being in college, and being really, really lonely. Isn't college supposed to be the place where girls get "experimental"? I don't want to join the campus Rainbow Coalition either- I'm not a preachy kind of person, even about my own sexuality. I believe people have a right to disagree with me, and I don't want to put myself in a position where I have to ram my beliefs down other people's throats. I just want to meet girls who might be interested in me, and talk to people about being Bi without being nervous, without all the political crap to go through.

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i AM mr. brightside

ggrrgrgrgrr. The other night, i woke up crying. See, this is what happens when people don't love you as much as you love them, or worse, you can't say word one to them. I ran into the girl i like last night at the movies. She was with the guy she likes.

You know, there was only one thing harder than watching that, and it was listening to my other friends trash talk her all the way to and from the theatre. I am privy now to the knowledge that said guy she likes doesn't really like her, he's "just lonely". Fucktard. I also know that said other friends revel in this. And all the while I can't get the nerve up to tell her I like her. What I'd like to do is bitchslap said other friends, kick said guy in his nuts, and yell, "English, I love you, you're perfect, screw these assholes, let's go get in your car and make steamy Passionate love in da backseat!!!!"

When you like someone, you....

Flirt like an oversexed orangutan in heat
13% (6 votes)
keep your big mouth shut
52% (24 votes)
ask your friends to ask him/her if they like you
7% (3 votes)
pronounce your undying affection right then and there
4% (2 votes)
act cool and uncaring towards them
24% (11 votes)
Total votes: 46
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