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Oh my could she

Well its out...almost everyone in my school now thinks of me as 'That Lesbian Chick' I didn't want that laebel....
I was sitting with my friends and my ex-girlfriend came up to the table and started asking about Cody because I was hanging around him a lot and she wanted to know why I lied to him about being straight and why I was going out with him. We weren't going out really...of course she didn't know that.

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This is another one of my rants, today in gym we were playing a stupid 2on2 basketball game, there was different teams-like 20 of them and when the coach called my number, I didn't participate. Then the other coach came up to me and told me I could either play or run the track and lose my points, so I ran traack. I had to run outside for 35 minutes in shorts and a shirtsleeved shirt because I didn't feel like playing basketball. Thats coach made me get sick and now my weekend is going to be spent inside, probally in bed!

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Im a lesbian, yeah, but lately I have liked Cody and we have talked(He called me!) Anyways does that make me straight again? I am just recovering from a horrible, horrible break up with my ex girlfriend because she moved and said it wouldn't work out being so far apart. So i haven't really been looking for a relationship, but here is Cody all cute and sweet...Im seriously confused, i was going to tell my parents about being a Lesbian as they do not know and I had been seeing my girlfriend secretly, but now Im thinking Im not and if I say something to my parents about being Lesbian and im not then its ruined and they think i am and this is confusing!

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Okay, a while ago(Halloween), my friend invited me to this party, I went and everything. It was just me, Izzy, and the girl(Sarah) who invited us. Then this guy, Cody, came over and we had a bunch of fun, nothing bad or anything. We had pillow fights and things like that, then Cody took us down the street and we walked around and talked and stuff, we went to his trampoline (Sorry if thats spelled wrong) and had fun until Saras dad called us back for bed.

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Stupid Slut

I like this guy alot, i talk to him online a lot and I know him from best friend asked him out!!! She did it right after I told her I was gonna tell him i liked him....she is such a slut! I am mad because he said yes to her and now she is all over him...i am just mad right now....hmph

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I haven't posted in a while. I have been busy, grandmother just got out of
the hospital with a blood clot, nothing they can do for her. Another thing
that bothers me, is that me and my mom, aunt and uncle are the only ones who
went to see her during those two weeks. Not my sister, nor my brother went
to see her. I have just realized my brother and sister are little ungrateful
brats. After what she has done for us, that can't get off their butts to see

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Hi, I am new to this site....anyone out there? :D

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