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wow, sorry it's been a while, guys. i buzzed my head right after finals in december, and then again in january. it was so awesome!!!! people say it's growing back really really fast. i went to a couple more wrestling tournaments and on january 4,, while practicing for another tournament the next day, my friend accidentally broke my arm. bad. the humerus (upper arm bone) completely snapped in half. no more wrestling for me :-(. until december or january, that is. i wanna wait til i'm comfortable with my arm again. like, it's pretty much healed now, but i'm still terrified of hurting it whenever i think of landing on it hard or putting all my weight on it. i no longer really like any of the girls i mentioned in my last journal entry, but i do like two new guys. both have the same name. *sighs* i like too many people. anyway, i promise to write more often!

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i went to my first wrestling tournament today!!! i lost horribly, but it was so much fun. i weighed almost 113 lbs wehn i first checked, and i needed to get down to 111. i did it though! i had to "weigh in" practically naked, but so did a lot of other girls. it was kinda disturbing. everyone was nice, including the girls i wrestled against :-). i made lots of new friends. there's this girl, i think her name is emily, who was in the locker room with me and my friend alexa.

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hello again

an update:

jacob likes me, too! we're going out on a date two fridays
from now to see if he wants to be my boyfriend. yippe! and, i've re-evaluated the origin of my feelings for him. i have not liked him since the movie closer. i merely became interested in him. within a few days the twinge of crush went away, but its memory remained. i liked him again one day when it was cold. we stood hugging by the theatre for an hour, just listening to music and trying to stay warm. again, the crush left me soon afterward. once he and megan broke up, i became interested in him for the third time and i was so used to the feeling that i just jumped right in.

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fucking homophobes

grrrr. i live in texas, as some of y'all know, and we recently had an election. one of the
propositions on the ballot was prop 2: a state amendment making marriage only valid if
between a man and a woman. no other civil unions would be recognized. everyone i talked to
said they voted against prop 2 (a.k.a. they were for gay rights), and i was really excited.
but guess who won? the fucking homophobes. by how much? 76% v 24%. *screams* i'm

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Although i've been a member here for months, i've never written a journal entry until just
now. i don't know why.... anyways, yeah.

right now, i've got crushes on two guys, and half-crushes on three. i also have a
half-crush on two girls. i call them half-crushes because i'm not head-over heels for them,
or even really giddy. just... interested.

the first guy, jacob, is sooo sweet and wonderful. i've liked him since we went to see the

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