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because this song is too amazing..

Conor Oberst.

It could be teenaged silliness. Five years from now, it could be seen as another phase, much like the Backstreet Boys phase during the preteen years. But... he could be true. True Blue. I don't know but his music is wonderful...

Haha. It’s funny. After years of not posting in this thing I come back to write about a silly singer boy.

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people are confusing

Im confusing but Im straight forward most of the time.

God. Girls whom are shy and confused about their own life make too much fucking drama...

this is such a bad entry. seems pointless but i need to vent.

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umm it's late

I still exist... and this is what i've done.

- Got 2 people to want to be kidnapped my me

- Got ignored by kate, but now we're back to being good friends

- Learned some people don't shower for 4 days at a time

- Left home at night 2 times

- Mom's leaving for mexico

- Decided Life doesn't matter

- Got Monica and Annie to be there for me

I have my own way of looking at the world. Dad can't stand it.

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silly rabbits

upp till nowish:

- Almost got kicked out of IHHS

- Tripped and bruised my lip

- My ear was bleeding

- My hand keeps on going up Raven's skirt

- Raven's hand keeps on going up so many people's skirts

- Found out Monica is somewhat of a friend

- Noticed Annie Alex is quite amazing

- Got into the philosophy books

- Found out a friend of mine isn't as happy as i thought she was

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I sound like a retard.

Well I'm suppose to be taking finals right now.

And here's whats been up with me lately:

-got depressed and send to a mental hospital for the suicidal

-enjoyed being at the mental hospital'

-made friends

-got 2 therapists

-been offered a Lexus from my mom

-became oddly attached to my parents

-want to go skydiving

-lost weight

-got insomnia but now i sleep too much

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an entry

I just felt like being friendly and saying "Hi!"

Of my life there's nothing important to be said.
Except I'm tired of people who respond to everything with 'mm.'

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i have a rep?

Apparently I do. According to two people anyway. I was wandering around school with Allison and Amber today. They wanted to talk to one of the goofy male teachers. (Keep i mind that we go to an all girl school)I said we should just go into his classroom and start a conversation with him, instead of hoping to accidentally bump into him. Then they bring up that they don't want to have a reputation like me. I'm like "huh? I have a rep?"

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i'm craving chocolate

Kate cares.

Sometimes I forget I have friends.... Its weird.

I missed a lot of school the past 3 weeks. Wallowing in self pity for liking a straight girl. I forgot I had friends. Kate said she missed me when I wasn't around. That people did asked where the hell I was.

But anyway on Wednesday I had a conference with the freshman councelor, the dean, and my parents. Now if I don't raise my grades and stop missing school I might not be invited back into IH next semester. And well since I like IH so much I better try.

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i need a break from liking her

*forces a smile*

Had an awkward convo with the girl I like.

She's a big deal to me.

She didn't realize that.

I'm going to go and be bitter now.

Probably going to avoid her for a while.

Her sister noticed I've been suspisiously quiet, therefore I'm sort of emo according to her.

I'm content with that fact. No one else seems to notice my sudden change from happy me to sad me.

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I told her I found it...

I feel bad. never should have even liked her. she's too good, even if she's in this mood right now. But most importantly I should have never read it.

Now i kinda wanna die. Wish I'd never met her at least.

She deleted the account. I'm pretty sure it better this way.

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me: i was bitter, i ate a donut. now i feel sweet. u should try it. not saying that ur bitter tho.

she responded "what?"

sometimes i can be such a retard.

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something short

So i woke up crying today.

I really shouldn't have read her journal. Now I know more than I should. And it hurts.

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i missed 11:11...

No one I actually know reads this journal. At least I hope so. I hope it stays that way.

I just finish reading her journal that no one knows about. I wasn't suppose to know about it but me being me, remember everything she's ever told me. And I sort of put things together. So it isn't really bad of me for having figured it out. Maybe it's bad of me for having read it. Seeing as how it's about her private not so always happy point of view on life. I feel bad...

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Bored, I need school!

Well, four days of having absolutely nothing to do are coming up.

Lie... On friday I'll be going to the movies with some friends. Andrea whom I haven't seen in the longest time invited, I invited Monica and Lauren but it's very likely they won't make it. That sort of brings the day to down to a lower note.

So I only get to go out once this 4-day wkend. My mom got this idea that i'd only be going out with friends once a week. Need I say bored?

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hotpockets and insightfullness

This is just a pointless entry. No point to it what so ever. Or maybe there is but it just happens to not be that interesting.

Friday... We walked the 10k walk at school. It was okay. I ran most of it but kept on waiting for some people to catch up. When we got back to school though, it was pretty fun. This girl Samantha, a singer from austrailia sang these two songs and gave us all autograph pics and CDs. We also got a BBQ... Hmm the high point of that day was that Melissa, Lauren and myself went on a very slow walk to Jamba Juice. I like Lauren... So yeah. I kinda ended up being at school till 5:30 which kinda sucked except that I was in the library talking to Monica the Sub.

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