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Huge Guest list... how the hell

okay is there really 756 guests online at this site... i mean how the hell can there only be like 8 users and 756 guests... jeez some people must be curious

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Problem maker


(x2)Its always me
Its always my fault
Im always the one
to split them up

Why cant I die
Crawl in a hole
Why so scared
I was told

Should I stay
Go home
On the street
Against cold stones

But they dont know what its like
to be alone
no no oh oh

Its not my FAULT
Its not my FAULT
Its not my FaulT...

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Which album was the song Drown in?

Im an obsessive Smashing Pumpkin fan and I still don't know which album drown is from... is it one of those songs that they never released or something like lucky 13 oi someone help me...

thanks ^.^

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To my love

A perfect reverie
in it I lie
holding dear
to what i find

I hold close
to dear you
in my dreams
you lay

The sun shines
on our faces
and the water
cools our feet

upon awaking from
the midafternoon
reverie so sweet

I find
The air so foggy
The ground I sit
upon soggy

and yet what
im holding to
is not the least bit
him, but him
i hope to find


Would You want Hilary Clinton Running the White House??

Hell Yes, any damn blue prez!
46% (31 votes)
Hell No she can keep her penis out of the oval office!
4% (3 votes)
this subject is touchy, and your choices are mean lol
16% (11 votes)
i dont live in the US, so I dont care
15% (10 votes)
I dunno
18% (12 votes)
Total votes: 67
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Upon the Dark

Just a poem about my future... enjoy!

Upon the valley
I see dark holes.

As dark as night
they creep and crawl.

Scared of
the route.

That leaves
dark holes in
my soul.

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Petefiles... god damn

well... it turns out that one of my old elementary principals is a perverted bastard. He molested a kid in a public bathroom EWW! Well I had to get that out... Damnit I mean he could have molested any of my friends! How Perverted!

In other news, Im extremely desperate and bored this summer... I met as well hang a sign over my head that says desperate gay.

Im pitiful...

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Artificial Pleasure

smile them gone
dead of misunderstanding
dieing twice,
and then again
loops of hate,
squeezing souls
hidden by their mangled
artificial pleasure

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Nice People

Ahhh I just got back froma nice retreat from my mountain house. It was so wonderful... I love the mountains... My dad forget his skirt when we went down the river, so he kept falling out of his kyak and losing control. It was kinda funny, but then again it was kinda anoying when we had to get the water out and move along. When my dad fell out for the last time, we were in the middle of the river and these nice people helped us.

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Finding you

Oh When I found you
I thought that
life would be no

but then i found
that you were everything
that my life

You were by my
side when i needed you the

now i've come to give you
back the joy that
you restored

joy in our hearts that
we will share together

Spending time
with the love
we hold together

laughing hard
till our hearts
bear no longer

crying tears
that fill
out of happiness

joy in our hearts
that we will share together

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In Love... Internet style

Well... ::sigh:: im in love...again
but this time im in love with two guys
on the internet
i feel like dookie

my heart aches when i think about them
im not sure who i like more
but its not like im gonna know them any farther than AIM

i cry b/c i know that love on the internet goes no farther than text
i just witsh i could be with them and hold them


How has you're relationship with best friends turned out?

16% (4 votes)
We decided to stay friends
24% (6 votes)
Perfect... couldn't be better!
28% (7 votes)
It ruined our relationship as friends
20% (5 votes)
other (please put comment)
12% (3 votes)
Total votes: 25
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New School w/ Band, gays, and bag of chips

WEll Next year i have sumthin to look forward too...
a new school with gay guys galore Yay!!
a new band where I can play songs w/ people at my skill level!! yay!!
and food court with a lot of food! yay!

as a step into that school i hope to make plenty of gay friends... and maybe more!

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to love
to hate
and to good nights

welcome to worlds
of friends
of lovers
and of souls
good hearted

our time
our sun
and our seasons

to you
to you
to you
and to me

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Fall my friend

Fall my friend
fall, fall deeper
into the unknown dont put
your finger
too close
it will get

Keep your eye
Life doesn't
Future is all you own

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