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"I hope you're not to far underwater.. I'd hate for you to drown"

-"Sometimes life throws you a line just before you sink"
->"I think I've been drowning for a long while now."
-"Well I hope you're not to far underwater.. I'd hate for you to drown"
->"Would you cry if I died?"
-"I've already cried while you're alive, why wouldn't I when you die?"
->"I don't know"
-"But you can't die, that won't work so well for me"
->"Why not"
-"Because you still have a piece of my soul"

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Dust Filled Dream

I think it's been about four or five months since I've even been on here.


Guess lots of things have happened since my last journal entry. Major
thing being I was kicked out of High School; and now I'm at a Night School
trying to finish up my senior year. *ponders*

Anyway, just checking on Oasis.. have fun people.

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[The Theory of Everything] ** [ginhtyrevE fo yroehT ehT]

The sky breaks in thunderblasts [the worlds heartbeat scatters heavens angels] This is the pulse, the receiving, the hollow storm of heart
Our universe spins in prismatic dreams [We're holding our breath, waiting for the collision with the sun]
Fireflies sing their hymns in silent symphonies of broken light [Close your eyes beautiful dreamer, close your eyes beautiful lover, the sky cries falling stars for every one of your tears]

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Breathless and Blue

Before the light fades from these eyes, before the blue halos wither to grey
I wish you could see the world that filters through
The universe as it is to me, and the soul that hides within this hollow shell
A blazing soul of dying ether, that dwells deep within this mortal hearth
Glowing and dying, burning and fading into exalted ash
My eyes are open, but I can only stare off into distant lights

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The Coming of the Crow

I had THE strangest dream of my life last night, and vivid too.

It basically was just me waking up in my sleep and there being a crow on
my chest. Sounds stupid right? well the thing started talking to me.. like
a full conversation on just random things, some really dumb and some
very provacative.

Like.. it told me it hated flying.. thats it's nothing like what you
would expect and it's totally overrated.. Just some really dumb stuff..

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This poem was inspired by a dream i had last night..


If you cut out my eyes and drink deep of the blood they’ll spill
You’ll dream my memories, and the horrors I’ve bled into the dusk
There’s a murder of black angels screaming from the illusions I’ve built
Casting shadow in crucibles over my faith, and my catalyst life

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I don't understand these people that go so out of their way to tell
someone else that they're going to hell or even that they need to change
their lifestyle. I'm sure i've done it at some point, making my entire
argument hypocritcal.. but honestly, what is wrong with this "zealots"?

I logged onto myspace today and in one of my groups there
is some post title "O destruction came to the West" first of all, i'm

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Arrows in the Sun: Chapter Two

So here's chapter two..

I don't know if i'm going to post the rest on Oasis simply because i don't
know how long it might take to finish it, but if i don't and you're
interested then just get in touch with me and i'll send you whatever i've
got. ^-^

--------------------Arrows in the Sun: Chapter Two-----------------------

The sudden rush of people had caught Jason off guard and before he knew it he had been swept off to some opposite corner of the club. Amidst the flashing lights, the people dancing and the music that was blaring he was quickly disoriented and after a few minutes he had almost given up any hope of finding Page before the end of the night. He would have used his cell-phone, but he doubted she would have heard it ringing over the music.

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Arrows in the Sun: Chapter One

Okay so i'm working on a new short story ^-^

It's going to follow along the same lines as my older one (Shine Empty
Soul) did. It's kinda a romance soap opera thing, the main characters of
course being gay/lesbians. It's mostly about high school relationships,
the typical fantasy dream date kind of deal that i suppose most of us
wish would happen to us lol.

Anyway, if you decide to read, then enjoy :)

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Theory of Everything

The sky breaks in thunder-blasts; this is the receiving, the hollowed storm
Our universe spins in prismatic dreams
And we can’t help but hold our breaths for the collision with the sun
This is the theory of everything, the finality of our broken world
So close your eyes beautiful dreamer, close your eyes beautiful lovers
Forget the sky, forget the sky
All that matters is the kiss, all that matters is the dream

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Bleached Sky

I watched the sunset for the first time in like three months today..
can't say it was very pretty but it reminded me of when i poured bleach
on a red shirt of mine and the red slowly faded to this spotted white..

Couldn't help but wonder how many people were watching it with me..

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floating face down in a pool outside the motel..

Tommorow I'm supposed to be having friends over for a drinking party, it
sounds like alot of fun because i hardly ever get to hang out with alot
of my friends.. though alot aren't or wont come.. it'll still be fun..

Heather told me she was bringing her b/f along who happens to know
some bio-curious guys who might show up so in a wierd way i'm excited
because maybe something will happen.. or maybe they wont.. but i'm just

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You've always been my favorite cancer...

So things are kinda unstable right now..

I'm really depressed.. and then not deppressed at all.. it really just
depends on who i'm around. My friends deppress me.. how pathetic is that?
And i'm deppressed when i'm alone.. but when i'm around people i dont
really like i do okay lol

Sarah still hates me.. Eva hates me.. most of my friends hate me because
of what i'm doing to them.. and ultimately i'm standing there with a handful

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The soul spills these tears of shattered light from soft distant eyes
Color bleeds into these dreams from wounds and scars that never heal
And amidst the dark and cobwebs that harbor in the graying shell
You can feel faint pulses from your dying heart
And as it gives its final goodnight it lets out scream; time for the autopsy

So open up the chest with a box cutter and let the light pour out

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"We Can Be Friends in Hell. Until Then I Despise You and Probably Always Will"

"We Can Be Friends in Hell. Until Then I Despise You and Probably
Always Will; I Can't Afford To Make Another Mistake Like You"

So the above quote is what my friend Sarah said to me today at school..
Nice isn't it? Try screaming it because that's how i got it, now
after screaming that make sure all your friends are around, scream
"Go Fuck yourself you goddamned fucking faggot; fuck you luke" and then

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