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Memories Fast Fading

Firefly dreams, roads of broken light against the dark of dusk
Echoes of a laughter we only knew when we were young
The day passes and the night sets
Amber skies bleeding black with the touch of night
Our dreams filling one another for one last time
Who knew drifting through this world could be so painful
Or rather, drifting apart
So close those heavy eyes and stare up at the stars
One night we’ll meet up there

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--Seventeen Candles--

Seventeen years, and seventeen cycles of fading sun
Candles lit for every knife ran through my chest
And every bottle of sin that I’d dare confess
Until the liquor runs to my head and vision spins while the words spill from my lips
Born kicking and screaming into the light
Young and hopeless with broken dreams, snow white hair and feeble frame
A meager toy for the catalyst life, dissolving in hysteria and open mind

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The world keeps spinning even when you think your dead

Hey there!

Yeah, i haven't been on oasis in quite a bit but everything seems to be
doing fine. :)

Anyway, guess i'll give an update on whats goin on around here. I'm 17 now,
which is rad, school is out and thus i have a job at a supermarket as a
bagboy because there isn't really anywhere else to work. My sister is back
from college and being quite aggrivating heh. And thats really about it.

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Bullets for Your Sleep

Steal the red from these veins
Your broken promises have become poison to the blood
The ones you seal with a kiss and a lie, with a touch and a word
Every scar against this fragile soul
Is only a mirror of your betrayal
And just another reason in this gun
It only takes a moment, a fragment of our time
To push the barrel to the heads of the ones we love
Pull the trigger and cry for the blood

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Wake Me When the Dream Fades

Church bells toll, sounding, ringing, screaming, and sighing
Each clash of metal another wound
Another scar that bleeds out of this wooden bed
Ruining my best suit, staining this moment bloody red
My flowers have all withered and faded
Like the eyes of the mourners
All of whom only dare whisper soft prayers
To light the way to golden gates
Or darken the fires of the burning circles
The candles grow old and cry wax tears

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"And did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there?"

Heh, Drops of Jupiter is playing.. how ironic.

Anyway, it's been a while since i did a journal entry i guess, and
yesterday was as good as anything to write about.

So yesterday i was feeling kind of down, it was first block.. a friday..
and i was just all around not in the mood to argue or be in school. So
when my teacher got into his zealotic preachings about everything going
wrong with the world (including television, lack of faith, wars, families

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A friend of mine asked me today why i had cut myself a few months back..
they asked me why anyone would want to harm themself like that telling
me that they would never understand how i could bear to scar
myself like that.. And i told him..

"I cut myself because the pain of cutting myself is better than cutting
your soul. Having wounds agianst something like your mind or your faith
is a thousand times worse than having blood poor from your wrist until

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The Romance of Bullets and Black

Do you remember the day before the crash
Before your romance of bullets and black
The days before, when we laughed and we cried
Even then I could see through your broken smile
Through those foggy eyes and halfhearted lies
Why didn’t I stop you
How could I let your put the barrel to your head
Pull the trigger and let the moths and roaches out of your head
Let the walls speckle with scarlet stain

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Chemically Romantic

Yeah hey everyone, havnt had a journal entry in a while so i figured i'd
give and update on whats going on around here :)

I'd say things are picking up for me. I'm no longer deppressed, i stopped
having relations with razorblades and knives completely, i stopped getting
into fights, and while i've had to drop and make some new friends i'm kinda
happy with them all ^_^

I'd say that even if things are going well i've still got alot of scars

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The Bleeding of Ink

These words are like scars against my unfaithful heart
Every mark of the script another stitch
That holds the withering seems from opening
And letting my wounds open and bleed
Like the cuts and gashes we give
To the paper with the killing dagger, the pen
Whose blade will rip and tear
The empty white of the page
Pages that bleed the black horrible blood, the ink
And whose bleeding will form the words that haunt us

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Wedding the Bloody Handed Maiden

Are you far from me, or only deaths whisper away
Do you haunt me for the life I jealously bare
Or do your chains bind you to my hollow stars
Walking the broken shadows, because the sun fades your form
Stay out of the light specter, the camera lens may steal your soul

Why do you burn at my heels sulfur ghost
Your blood you’ve spread across my path
So that I might slip in the scarlet, and drown in black waves

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Shotgun Shells to Mend the Broken Wings of Angels

That night they found me laughing by the cemetery gates
Piss drunk and carrying a hatchet covered in blood

An axe I taken to the graves
Ripping open the caskets in drunken rage
Cutting up the corpses and defiling the graves
Taking my fight to the Devil and hell
Son of the serpent, heavens fallen

The officer asked me about the shotgun next to my feet
One missing a full round of slugs

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Teaching the Spiders to Write

You’ll find me in the dark, the corner your eye neglects
Whispering to the shadows and the spiders
Speaking gently from the warmth of loneliness
This heart wasn’t meant to love, or to live
Only to write the beauty of such words in the webs
And leave them for the wind to read
To pass on through soft touches of summer breeze, or winter chill
In this darkness, away from your loving eyes
Speaking words to the spiders so they may write

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Tears for scars i've never known

This heart continues to bleed black
From where I’ve scarred myself
Wounds I trust will never heal
The blades of love cut deep
From where they were never drawn
Is the pain of having never known
Greater than having lost

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Smile Beautiful Angel: Chapter Six (The Finale!!!!)

Ok here it is, the final chapter! I dont know if i can really do a sequel
after this.. theres really no where left for them to go ya know? And some
of you are probably getting sick of me spamming these stories day and night
so here it is! The Finale! ENJOY!!!

---Smile Beautiful Angel: Chapter Six---

“The heart is a powerful instrument, capable of bringing the most powerful men to their knees and making the weakest stone as strong and as firm as a mountain. When the heart is given life and love then it is beautiful and unmistakably awe-striking. If the heart is broken however, the songs of love and beauty are replaced by san prismatic colored choruses of pain and irrelevance. The heart, contrary to what you may agree with, is indeed not sentient. It is but one half of a whole, and if that other half goes missing then darkness falls and bloody is the war the heart will rage as it falls from the light of love. Why wage war? Why defeat the heart when you can embrace it, when you can be whole and fulfilled? Let love defeat the darkness, and let the hearts of lovers beat as one, sounding through the ashes of other broken hearts to call those that would seek their whole!

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