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Smile Beautiful Angel: Chapter Five

Alright... this chapter has some cursing and some adult themes.. if your
bothered by either then dont read it.. And this chapter is really treading
on some soft ground.. if i offend anyone then i'm really sorry.. :(


---Smile Beautiful Angel: Chapter Five---

“Love is daunting element, not because love is in itself frightening, but because the commitments that must be upheld to be truly “in love

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Smile Beautiful Angel: Chapter Four

Alright, so it's taken me half the day to get the next chapter.. so what..
I'm still going strong.. *shifty eyes* anyway, here it is, chapter 4


---Smile Beautiful Angel: Chapter Four---

“We make mistakes, we all make mistakes, its part of being human and it’s what makes us human. There’s no point brewing over losses, and there is absolutely no point in destroying ourselves because of past mistakes. We cannot change the past; we can only learn from it and move on. Time heals all wounds, but it has a nasty habit of re-opening them as well. Don’t let and old scar become a new wound, take what you learned from previous experiences and use them to prevent any further harm. Beware of those that brought you scars in your past, for they are bound to give you darkness in the future.

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Smile Beautiful Angel: Chapter Three

Okay, heres chapter three. This is coming together pretty fast :)


---Smile Beautiful Angel: Chapter Three---

“Insecurity is probably one of the most dangerous tools that anyone can use against us. When we believe that we have failed ourselves or someone with love and care for, it seems as though everything is lost. Those that use the weakness of insecurity are in fact very weak themselves. They are cowards who hide behind dominate masks and preach of the world being dark and foreboding, yet it is only they who see it as such. Their lives are miserable and they tend to draw more miserable lives to them so as to magnify their living horror. These men are the predators, they are animals seeking the weaker and often more naïve among us to both corrupt and exploit. They are dangerous, they are destroyers, and yet they are everywhere, for they are not but one man, but all men.

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Smile Beautiful Angel: Chapter Two

Okay the second chapter is done. I think this one is prolly gonna be a
tad longer than Shine Empty Soul was.. but hopefull that will just make
it better ^_^ anyway.. sorry bout the format again.. (just copying and
pasting into the box from word) and for any typos.. enjoy

---Smile Beautiful Angel: Chapter Two---

“How can someone judge something when they have had no experience with that which they judge? How can someone stand there and tell another that their love is immoral, that it is unnatural, that it is in no way beautiful when they themselves cannot even comprehend that love. Why is it that those who have power to govern your love are the same ones who have never dealt with it, that will never have a chance of dealing with it and yet believe that without ever knowing it they can pass judgment. How can they be so naïve to think that they are messengers of some greater truth when even they are shrouded in darkness? The heart and the soul cannot lie, they are pure and always untarnished, and it is the words of men and the webs of deceit that men are enveloped in that lie. Love is indomitable, it goes on forever. But the human mind is easily broken, and one can loose faith in love, or become ashamed of love, but they can never break it. So long as you stand for your love, as long as you defend it, so long as you refuse to let the minds of corrupt men break it, then your love is beautiful, it will remain beautiful, and will shine long after you have gone. Like the smile of a beautiful angel it will bring grace and happiness.

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Smile Beautiful Angel

Alright, heres the sequel to Shine Empty Soul. I've only got the first
chapter done but i hope it'll come along just as fast and hopefully
even better than Shine did.. so anyway if it does come along rather
slow then heres your first peek.. (yeah i know not alot of people care :P)

---Smile Beautiful Angel: Chapter One---

“Love is a beautiful thing, a treasure that you hold close to your heart and guard jealously from those that would rob you of it. It can become an obsession, a desire that both fulfills and destroys you. You strive for it, willing to give anything and pay any price if only to keep it for a few more precious moments. It becomes everything to you, it consumes your world and your very being is driven by it. Love is the most powerful emotion that we can give and that we can receive and thus is the easiest emotion to taint and to corrupt. We must not allow something as truly beautiful to become lust or worse, a burden.

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Farewell Sweet Sunset

This is my last dream
My final sleep
To this one last sunset I say goodbye
For one last night I watch the sky blaze
And one last time I dance beneath a golden sky
My voice trailing silver through the fading crown of day
Just before I lay down to rest, just before I close these heavy eyes
Fireflies cover me, singing hymns for my soul
And build a road of scattered light for me to ascend
I know in my heart that we all die

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For anyone that like Shine Empty Soul... (that short story i posted)

Ok I dont know exactly how many people read it, but if you did then
I'd like your advise ^_^

I figured that I'd like to write a bit more in that area seeing as how
that was both the first time i've tried writing a short story and the
first i've really ever written about gay characters. I liked how it came
together, i liked the theme, i liked being able to write about that
subject for the first time, and aside from some REALLY aweful typos i

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Shine Empty Soul: Chapter Five

Alright here it is, the Finale! I dont think to many people care, but
i think i worked hard on it so i hope you enjoy it. ^_^

If anyone wants it emailed to them then just catch me on
yahoo (sanity_struggle2006@yahoo.com) or aim (ledworldnuke) or
even msn (ledworldnuke@hotmail.com)

hope you guys like it!

---Shine Empty Soul: Chapter Five---

“It’s a rare thing indeed to find happiness, but luckily sometimes happiness finds you. Being happy isn’t just about having everything in life go the exact way you meant it. In fact most things that do make you happy go the exact opposite, you never see it coming but afterwards you wonder how you could have ever been so blind. Happiness comes in many forms, sometimes in material possession, sometimes its popularity or fame, sometimes it’s a developed skill or ability, and sometimes it’s someone else. Being in love, or even being in like with someone is one of the most beautiful things in the world because both you and your beloved fulfill each other and you shine before all those that would look on you and give them something beautiful to strive for. Sometimes very naïve and shallow minded individuals or even groups would restrict love, but in doing so they only make that love stronger. When you must fight simply to hold the one you love in your arms so that your hearts can beat as one and you can live as one sentient being then that battle is both worth losing everything for and worth dying for. Love is the worlds only constant, it is the only thing that no one can possibly take from you because it exists only between you and the one you love. Never let anyone stand between you and your love, because the lack of such emotion will destroy you.

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Shine Empty Soul: Chapter Four

I probably could have finished the story in this chapter, but i thought
a bit more suspence wouldnt kill anyone, and its easier to read when its
broken up into smaller segminets. anyway, enjoy!

---Shine Empty Soul: Chapter Four---

“Those with power simply do not understand the extent of their actions. They judge everything from their point of view because their point of view is the only thing that matters. What they don’t see is how what they do or say affects the weaker and often oppressed “victims

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Shine Empty Soul: Chapter Three

Ok, just a bit of cursing, and no violence in this one, enjoy.

---Shine Empty Soul: Chapter Three---

“We as humans have the natural ability to justify our wrongs even when such justification would perhaps make us even more wrong. We simply cannot accept failure and when we are forced to see the dark in ourselves we become blindsided to it and move on, merely pushing the facts as far away as possible. The problem is that the further away our problems become, the more confused we become, and so we try to solve the problem without ever knowing it thus creating more problems to be solved and pushed away. Chaos draws in, and everything we have strived for is shattered, leaving us with only the simple truth, we exist to break ourselves down so that we can see ourselves for what we really are. Human.

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Shine Empty Soul: Chapter Two

Alright, I'll go ahead and do the little warning thing so that i dont
get in trouble. This chapter has some graphic language, so if cursing
offends you then you shouldn't be reading this (and yes there is a good
bit). Theres also a bit of violence (not alot) and this chapter turned out to be alot longer than i expected it
too.. so i'm sorry if its a drag to go through the whole thing *shrugs*

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Shine Empty Soul: Chapter One

Hey guys, haven't been on here in a while, lots of things have come
up and gotten in the way (though i dont think to many of you missed me
lol) anyway, I've been writing this little short story and since its
about being the new kid in high school, coming out/being gay and whatnot I figured maybe some of
you would like to read it. Heres the first Chapter, and the second should
be done tonight hopefully (maybe even the third if i kick it into gear)
anyway, enjoy! (and i'll go ahead and apologize for the way it looks, i just
copied and pasted it from word into the box..)

--Shine Empty Soul: Chapter One--
“For the longest time I didn’t know myself, it was if a part of me was missing, or as if something inside me wasn’t completely whole. I found that the more I searched within myself, the hollower I felt. I tried to push it out of my mind, but the more I struggled, the more lonely and broken I felt. I became depressed, and my mother became worried so she decided to move us from the city to the country, hoping the environment shift and loss of all my friends would help. I thought my world had finally collapsed, I’d lost everything, and on top of it all I was the new kid again in a school that I hated, in a town I loathed, and with people I detested. Everything was going down hill and my life was crashing and burning before my very eyes, but that was before I found my other half, or maybe before my other half found me. Its strange how life throws something totally unexpected at you, and you either take it and run with it, or leave it and wait to see if any more are coming, but you always regret not taking that first, because who knows where it may have lead. This was one of those unexpected, and even now I can’t believe where its lead me.

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The Book of Nightmares: Chapter Three (Volume I)

The third of my demons manifested
Only how was I to tell
It came in the form of loneliness
Of darkness
And as the void
I was thrown into darkness
Cold, empty darkness
Never ending, and without hope of escape
Cold, black and empty
A place outside of all reality
Was my third demon perhaps Death
Did this Serpent, this devil, this “Fallen

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The Book of Nightmares: Chapter Two (Volume I)

My second demon came in the form of the beast
A wolf
Strong, daring, and powerful
An animal seemingly born from the very wilds of creation
Primal natural beauty, yet devastatingly terrifying
The creatures fur was matted, blood-soaked, and shagged
Fresh blood dripped from its maw
Its silver eyes pierced like blades through me
Drawing not blood, but even more threatening a substance
My terror however was not enough for the canine Serpent

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The Book of Nightmares: Chapter One (Volume 1)

The first blood to be spilled in the dreams came from heaven
An Angel, born on wings of gold and silver
Heralded by the trumpets of saints and wreathed in aura’s of light
Who would have suspected him, the Angel
How was I to guess that beneath the holy veils
My first demon waited, coiled with fangs bared
The winged Serpent spoke to me
Its voice beautiful, coaxing, pure
And it drew me close, its siren song luring me to its arms

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