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The Book of Nightmares (Volume I)

This quill I dip in blood
So that I may give to these pages
My crimson stain, and my tarnished soul
This bible I dedicate to "humanity" if such a word exists
For we have faded heaven, shattered faith
And buried God alongside passion
This scripture is from the bleeding heart
My empty pages scared by this ink, and these words
Echoing in the dark against mirrored lives
Words of shame, of fear, of lust

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Armor for Sleep

I just got the Armor for Sleep album "What to do when your Dead" and it
is simply amazing.. everyone should give them a listen cause they rock


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Whispers in my Sleep

I have these scars from where I’ve closed my eyes
Wounds from where I’ve dared to dream
Cuts and bruises that only I can see
Which bleed when you become too close to me
The collisions of worlds are my haunting
When the sun bleeds black in the sky
And I’m allowed to rest
Dreams have become my element
A stain that never washes off
Stalking me, waiting for me, invading me
A specter traversing my separate planes

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the cure for my deppresion

Hey everyone

So like.. Things have gotten alot better i guess. The band i mentioned
starting is actually coming together REALLY quickly.

We've already got two guitarist, a base player.. a base playing in training
lol, and we've got a saxophone which suprisingly sounds really good..

We've been looking everywhere for a drummer.. but to no avail *sigh*

So far we've only been hanging out after school and of course right now

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Something New..

I've decided (with alot of thought mind you) that i need something
right now to kinda keep me in focus.. I've been well.. hurting myself
to kinda get rid of alot of emotional problems and just to deal with
a few things.. and i know its far to self destructive.

So I'm gonna try something thats going to end up either being a complete
waste of time and probably alot of money.. or a huge success and i'll be

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All the Emo Boys are From Ohio!

Been taking a long look around here
And as of late I’ve come to notice something
The cute boys all live far off
In places like Cali, Texas, Jersey, some even from Oklahoma
But all the emo boys
Call Ohio home

Why are all the beautiful black haired boys in Ohio?
Emo kids are taking root in Ohio!
Ohio stole all the emo boys!
Why are all the black haired boys coming from Ohio!
What’s in Ohio?

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Just Keep Punching Holes through My Heart

Blood spills and white walls are stained red
Vision fades to grey, welcome the silence of black and white
Alls quiet save for the screaming pulse of my torn heart
Beating in my hands as I try to bandage new wounds
So many scars for something so young

I just keep punching holes through my heart
Letting the core bleed its sulfur blood
Tearing myself apart, then rebuilding with weaker parts

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Just keep shooting me! Why stop!

Short Version: Life continues to suck, people continue to dissapoint me,
and i'm completely ready to give up on the whole buisness..

Long Version: Really bad strapped to the back of a bad week put into a bad
month and molded inside a bad year.

Quick Overview: The guy i talked about in my last post.. simply put wasnt
what i had hoped for.. lost alot of friends.. lost what little hope i had

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Indulging in the wrong signals..

Yeah hey everyone.. i guess.

To the point then. One of my friends has been acting a bit wierd
lately. He recently broke up with his girlfriend (ok its been a month or
so but thats still recent) and since everyone has noticed him having alot
of new wierd querks. Some of our friends say that hes been acting really
weird when i, or anything having to do with being gay comes up in a
conversation. There were alot of people that thought he might have had some

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Firebirds sufficate in the Ashes

Its three a.m. and I’m driving down empty streets
Headlights fading into the distance
Light scattered in broken rays across lonely roads
Soft noise echoes from the radio, volume turned down low
Its twenty eight degrees and the heaters been broken for months
But I embrace the cold

Sometimes you wish you could fall in love
Only so that you could know what its like to fall out of it
There are moments where you would rather be in pain

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Strangers are those we never know
Guests to our world, who slowly become familiar
Familiars who begin to grow close
Love stirs, passion breaks, morning comes
And we lie alone

We’re all strangers
Strangers to the world
Passing through each others lives
Touching hearts and minds as we go
We’re all just familiar strangers living in a foreign world

I've been in a writing mood lately..

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finding just what you need

Last night was possibly one of the best nights of my life.. in a really
strange way.

It was bout 1 in the morning.. i was still awake and i suddenly had this
urge to go to walmart. This had been the first night where no one had
come over in a good while and i thought i was gonna stay home, then i
just have this feeling that i needed to leave.

I ignored it at first.. but the longer i waited the more i thought i needed

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Taking Back Pieces of Me

The broken windows of my eyes fade
Fragments of a world slowly shift
Colors loose power and seasons change
All while I fall from dream to dream

From here I can see tomorrow hiding just beyond the sun
Time slows, then gently speeds up
Realms become lost in momentum
Senses dull, eyes close, and dreams overcome

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YES! for movies that is..

I've had the worst week ever.. but i'm happy lol.. my movie that i ordered
finally came in! rofl.. I'm watching The Touch of Pink as we speak.. its
extremely amazing that i could get movie gallery to even order it.. i've
slowly been breaking them in into get more films featuring gays.. but this
is the first where the main characters are lol. I'm already trying to get
them to order Trick.. but they're not to keen since i'm the only one that

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Inji Septs

Welcome to the cluster, the connection
The third planet from the solar sanctum
Somewhere in the ring of space and on roads of light
Broken worlds and belts of metallic dust
The answers to logic and religion lie
Astral divides, solar tides and gravitational domain
Magnetic waves, orbital paths, super novas
Distance of probability by degrees of speed
Projected particles, anti-matter, and the occasional vortex

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