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beta fish swimming in the lake of fire

Today was really wierd.. *rolls eyes* I got called to the office and the
vice principle decided me and Jeremy weren't going to get in trouble
(the real reason being that alot of the football team had been complaining
that its not wrong to do that.. sorta stuff to.. well me.. but anyway!)
but he decided that I should go see the councilor.. ME!

So I went.. only after elaborately dissing him in every fashion in my head

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Free Flying Kites and Six Foot Tails

I'm daydreaming, dreaming sweet dreams in the day
My thoughts floating about, getting lost in the blue and the clouds
Magic carpets and shoes with wings
What I wouldn't give to fly away
I want to sail with the wind and the sun
Or perhaps just leave this place
Lets fly away, just leave the ground and swim into space
Then we could watch the world from our homes in the sky
Just sit in the clouds and watch the world go round

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Impending Doom...

I dont think today could get worse..

I had to go to work today at 7 (i work at a subway..) On the way.. i get
a flat tire.. it takes me 20 minutes to fix it and i'm late for work.
They yelled at me, then yelled at me more because i'm not doing such
a wonderful job mopping at night.. They decide as punishment they'll reset
my hourly wage to 5.15$ (WOOT!!!) Then while i'm working the girl working

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Fighting doesnt solve anything.. it does however get rid of all that bitter valentines day anger eh?

Had a rough day.. Valentines day is possibly the worst day on earth
when you realize your the only one in your entire school that will
most likely never date until college or even after.. *sigh* But that
doesn't get me down as much as it used too.. i figure if nothing else
when i do find someone they'll find that i've had years and years of
built of romance and almost horribly fantasized movie like love that

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Strings of Heart

How can one such as I,
Who knows nothing of the heart, and its mysterious beats,
Who has never felt the rhythm of love,
Or heard the heart beat romance.
How can one such as I, begin to understand love?
Must I wait until my own heart plays that song?
Or can I take that beautiful sonata from another,
And play it through them?
Can I let this song echo through me, invigorate inside me and power me?

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you never know just how alone you are until your left out..

Today was embarassing/deppresing for me. Our school has days where a random speaker will come and talk to us about a major issue and then
the high school debates and talks about it. So The bell rang and we were
all leaving when my teacher grabs me by the shoulder and makes me
hang back. Apparantly they didn't want me to go to this one.. I didn;t
know why.. i thought i might have been in trouble.. and they never told

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Broken Dreams in the Attic

Life on rewind, the simple and sweet motion,
The weighing of decisions on scales of time.
When did the dream become broken?
Shattered and smashed against the attic wall.
Can the spider sink mend the dream?
Or will it consume it in the cobwebbed memory?
Will it remain at the floorboards until decaying to dust?

How many dreams rot within the hallowed garrets?
What could they have been, if pursued, if given time?

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Can you feel the pulse? The heartbeat ringing from the core
Sounding from the blood soaked edges of the soul
Escaping from the pristine shells and cutting deep into the world
Can you see the flames? Fires of hatred, explosions of malice
Wreathed in corruption, encompassing the innocent
Burning brighter than the outset of the dawn
Can you taste the blood? Bleeding freely from your self afflicted wounds

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Love Beautifully

I can feel you now, touching me oh so softly
Fingers moving silently in rhythm against my flesh
Speaking romance through every brush, through every slight
Beautiful poetry falling like rain against my shell
I feel your body now, pressed lovingly against mine
Heartbeats falling in sync
Beating as one

In darkness we find beauty beyond measure
Color drained, the world becomes composed of cold sheets and beloved flesh

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Jack : Tales of a Murderer

--Jack: Tales of a Murderer--

Heres the doorway where I found her
Yes here in this darkened place
This is where she last spoke to me
Here she told me so many things
I asked her gently, "Are you sleeping?"
She said, "Will you rape me now?"
Soon I told her to lay back and dream, "I'll take care of everything."
Her only reply, "I believe your lies."
I told her to look for golden gates
She said, "I don't believe in God."

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Whisps of Dreams

I have a habit to write down my dreams, for the single purpose of trying
to self analyse myself. I took a nap during my third block at school today
and had a mentionworthy dream i guess.

It began with me in my third block, only the color had faded to black and
white. I was looking out of the window that was across from me. The
rest of the class was watching "My Girl" (one of those decent PG movies)

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Life on Broadcast

Here in this place, minds lie dormant
Slowly thoughts melt away under plasma screens
While individuality is carefully erased by radio waves
Hail the digital age
A decadent time where media rules the masses
Lead by generations raised under airwaves
Their eyes focused blindly on color broadcasts
Life measured in mega pixels and broadband
A single sentence to govern them, “supply and demand

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I had an interesting psychology class today, and one of the topics was
decently interesting so i thought i might share.

[1] We've all had or seen a child (usually young) with an imaginary friend,
and we've all heard or maybe even suffer from schzophrenia (hope i
spelled that right..) and lets not forget that the world is littered with
several spots unique for being "haunted". Has it ever occured to anyone

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The grace of the most pure and awkward beauty
That the fading blue of my eyes have for so long forsaken
And turned blind towards
How I longed in that moment, how I felt stripped of all earthy laws
Perhaps my longing for lust was in truth to strong
I betrayed myself that day
My eyes did wander along the pathway
They did stop and wonder and take in that beauty.
They caressed such beauty, such awkward beauty.

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