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thx guyz for all da support sry i didnt respond
sooner..i was away at a bball kamp and it rawked
my world kuz i got to finalli relax and not worri
bout nething. i met these realli kool ppl(gurlz lol
that juss rawk) newayz yea so it was so kl it was
like kamp but wit partys everynite im gonna miss
them so much but i was smart and got numbers and
sns so yea (go me go me)yea and my first krush was

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u dont need to read this....

yea theres reali no point in reading this juss
letting some stuff out...

k so yesterday i was watchin will and grace (tv show)
jic u didnt no). and it was the one where jack comes
out to his mom.and its so hard for him because he
duznt want to break his moms heart or hurt her in
ne other way.well yea wen he told her that he was
gay and that he was proud about being gay she was
like taken bak for a min and then she said sumthin

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here is another thing i read somewhere lol

m`aimer pour qui je suis

i might have spelled it wrong sry...


love me for who i am

it makes me happy lol

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ok i found this in a book called "Stop Pretending"
by Sonya Jones

Il pleure dans mo coe ur
comme il pleut sur la ville:
Quelle est cette langeur
qui penetre mon coeur?


It's raining in my heart
like its raining in the city.
What is this sadness
that pierces my heart?

i thought it was yea

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hey ppl wats up? idk wat to put i dont write much i like reading wat everyone writes cuz its all kick was wonderin if there was ne1 from texas here idk juss typing stuff kuz im not tired and yea well write bak if u want hmm....k there im done borin ya bye

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im sitting scross from and i look up and see that ur looking at me and i kant help but to smile..i see that ur smiling back atme...when our eyes lock its for a second or two and we look away and laugh...we did this every day we were near eachother for that week everytime u were away from me i looked for u and saw that u were looking for me too ..then we would find each other and smile or stick our

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