I'm coming closer to a decision!

today during lunch i spent it with Miquela and we talked and before i knew it the bell rang to go to class.the time went by so fast!it was weird!and we talked about stupid things that really had no point to 'em.but of coarse it always has to be exactly the same with Valerie.this is getting frustrating.and i was about to ask Miquela out after school but then i saw Valerie and my mind ne


Please help with this decision!

k so today me and my friends Rusty,Anthony,Fritz,Katelyn,Santos,and then the 4 girls that are currently fighting over me were hanging out onthe field at school and we were really bored so Rusty goes "let's make eachother pass out!" so we were like hell why not so i was over by Rusty and Anthony and Anthony told me to try out of stupidity i did.i bent down,took ten SLOW deep breaths then


i lost my voice :(!

today was the day i was going to choose.but i wake up and my throat is SO SORE and dry.and i tryed talking and what came out was some weird dry sratchy sound that hurt SOOOOOO at school i kept drinking water hoping that i would magically be able to speak.and Valerie walked up to me and said "i have a confession" and she told me she liked me so i was trying to get ready to talk but after lik


i've narrowed it down to two!

okay so i havn't chose yet but i've narrowed it down out of Angel,Brisha,and Miquela i think it's either Miquela or the new chick Valerie.but Valerie doesn't know that i know she likes me!and me and Miquela hang out a lot and my friends say we'd be a cute couple but then Valerie's this awesom kicked back punkish type chick that's so completely her eyes are this deep honey brown and her


Tough Decisions

okay so if you read my last post you know what's going on with the four girls that like me.well anyways on Halloween at school we were judging costumes it was me,Angel,Miquala,and Brisha so i was sitting in my chairand Brisha sat on my lap(all my friends do that so it wasn't unusual to me)and she had her arms around my shoulders and i didn't realize Angel and Miquala were watching so i let Brisha


It's like a sick love square!

I'm really confused at the moment.It seems this year at school there are a number of bi girls and they all seem to flock towards me.some are (not to be rude at all)not all that attractive.but atthe moment sinc i broke up with Janette i've come between three close friends and now they all hate eachother because they all like's very frustrating actually.the first girl is Angel and i've known h


i'm so lost

things lately have really sucked.i try not to show it for the sake of my friends that don't want to see me all depressed.i force a smile even tho it hurts just to make them happy.this year i've lost so much like my first girlfriend, my best friend,and the only person that i could ever call a father...they all just faded away..went thru a state of depression and next thing we knew we were attending


possible expullsion

it was lunch me and like 5 of my friends went out to get high my lighter stopped workin so me and Myra took off to get a lighter from Adam.while we were gone they all got caught and they had my back pack.all the teachers were lookin for me and i finally got caught because i stopped to talk to Anthony.the cop came and arrested me and Pearla and we took the heat for all of them.Pearla's takinthe heat for the pipe and the big bag off weed i just got stuck with a small knife(not sure how that got into the picture),a torch lighter,and a joint.Pearla isfor suregettin expelled but i have to get questioned by the school district tto see if i get let back in or not and if i don'tthen i hav to go to a living hell school called Vine street with about 28 kids and 1 this sucks.any idea on how i can talk them into letting me go back?



okay i seem to like this girl Janette from school.and it's really weird like she's a it's true and she's really loud.but she's funny might just be me but oh well!and i'm honestly not sure if she's straight or not.cuz like for instance one time in the morning i was gettin off the bus and i saw her thru the window and she turned and saw me and i stopped inthe middle o


News and no where else to turn

well today i rite when i got home i found out my brother's dad Casey died.he was only in his early 40'sprobably no older then 44.he was like a father to me and claimed me as his kid.and without him i feel like i hav no balance.he alwayz talked to me about thingz like drugz and school and religion ya'kno deep feelz so weird.well i just needed to say that to get it out.thank you for



well i'm doin waaaaaaaaay better then moms was cruel and unusual punishment but it's finally over!it feels good to be back!who here likes zelda?!i just bought The Legend of Zelda:The Minish Cap and it fuckin rockz!eventho i'm like stuck on it and i don't kno wat the hell to do.and for a game boy advance it has amazing graphics!well i'm gonna go and try to figure this stuff out!

which would you prefer(no point just bored)

long distance relationship and loving the person
61% (31 votes)
breaking it off with them and dating a friend that you don't like as much
4% (2 votes)
both(player lol)
16% (8 votes)
or just ending it all cuz of all the stress?
20% (10 votes)
Total votes: 51

dreading the 15th

so my mom kinda disowned me a while ago but damn she must feel like she just got shot down.cuz i'm being literally forced to go spend TWO weeks with that's bad enough that i have to be around those "all-american rednecks" for two weeks but there's no civilization how do people survive up there!if you combine mariposa and midpines together it's only a 900 population the most!there'



i hav a feeling that this summer is gonna be flippin awesome!even though some of my close friends are leaving i still think that it's gonna be fun.well as you can probably already tell my summer vacation has officially begun.and yesterday me and like a bunch of people went and watched "Lords of Dogtown" and by the way it was very very good.then we went bowling.i don't know but it was just so much then my friend juan and i got high like right in front of juice 'n' java and we rode one of those little kid rides that are in front of stores and we put twenty five cents in and started riding it it was fun!wel that's all that's been goin on with me and i'm doing pretty damngood.well i hope every one else is doin good and laterz.



well things have been like a rollercoaster for and vic broke up but wedecided to try our best to stay friends.and to all of those people out there with internet relationships i have a few words to say "i no longer will make fun of or tease ANYBODY about being in love with or liking someone whom they've never actually met".i met this completely all around AMAZING person and she lives in Missouri:(.but i told her how felt (kind of) and apparently she feels the same:).so we decided to give it a shot!i was soooooo unbelievably happy.*sarcasm*i had perfect timing.she left on friday to go to texas for one month and by the time she gets back i will have already left for my moms and i'll be there for about two weeks(at the most!).so that means i won't talk to her for like one and a half months:(.talk about irony!but i'm still happy.i've had the same goofy smile on my face since thursday.well school ends next friday.but i might get suspended before then for having some dumb cake fight with a few of my friends.the asshole vice principal said he'd talk to us on wednesday and figure out our punishment but he said mine will probably be the worst because i started it.this is bull****!but oh well it was still fun we just sat there in his office eating cake off our faces.which the cake was very good.but does anyone else find that outragiously stupid!well i hope everyone has been doing good!well laterz and sorry if this was long and boring!

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