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Ongoing story which im thinking up on the spot!

Hey again, i decided to write a story! It's ongoing, so please tell me what you think and any things you would want included.

Disclaimer: Any characters in this story are purely fictional and any likeness to anyone is purely coincidental! Unless I base the characters on my friends..... then I'm screwed!

People often ask me what it's like being a freak. I just shrug them and keep on walking. Then i get the names and the things being thrown at me, but I'm strong, I can live with it!

Do you have a flag's picture


I just thought I might introduce you into my life!

I'm Sam, 15 (nearly 16!) a vegetarian bisexual (I like saying that, it sounds interesting) lol! I have a girlfriend of just over 4 months, I'm really happy with her, in love you could say. The fact is I'm often more attacted to men, so it's hard to stick when you have a 22 year old sexy gay guy after you! Don't get me wrong, I'm staying faithful but it's hard!

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