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I made it through

I made it throught the night and am feeling a lot better today. One of my friends helped me a lot last night. She is a borderline anorexic and we made an agreement that she took down the mirror in her room and I gave her all of the tools that I use to cut myself. We just talked for a long time and it really helped me. I did end up cutting a lot before I went to talk to her, but I genuinly feel better now.

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I just want to die.

I am beginning to wonder if there is any point to living. I just don't see any way out. It would be so easy for me to just slit my wrists. Then I wouldn't feel like this anymore. Right now I feel as though the world is just so pointless. What do I really have to live for anyway. I mean none of my goals really matter. Nobody would really care if I was gone. Earlier today all I wanted was to cut but after the initial anxiety passed I realized that cutting was pointless.

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Hi, I'm new. Now to introduce you to my screwed up life.

First to introduce myself. I am a 15 year old lesbian. I am in the closet. I go to bording school, spend my life doing homework as a result. I am a cutter, just was found out at school about 4 weeks ago. I hate our school therapist who I am required to see at least once a week, and also dislike my R.A. I am in love with my best friend, the prettiest girl in the world, most likely straight. I live in the same dorm with her and at this point everyone I know likely knows that I am in love with her, except her.

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