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Life is lonely when you're the only gay girl you know...

When I had entered university I was excited to be more open about my sexuality, to be more open with everyone about it. I thought I'd meet some new people, expose myself to more people, more experiences. Well, sure enough, I'm out to many of my friends. Those who don't know yet, just simply don't know and I am ready to tell them whenever the time comes around. I've met quite few people as well. Mostly friends of friends, and the odd classmate here and there. Yet no significant difference has risen.

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March 6th, 2009. Glad to say that day is in the past!!

I tried really hard for this exam, and I don't even know if I passed it. All this week I literally woke up, went to school, came home, and went to bed, woke up, went to school, came home, and went to bed, etc.

I got all the journal entries, and I think some of the adjusting entries, but that's about it. The financial statements and theory questions were killer. For both the income statement and cash flow statement there was a bunch of extra stuff I didn't know what to do with, so I left it out. Nothing balanced or made sense as a result obviously.

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yay me!

I got 100% on my calc midterm =)

So far I've gotten 24, 23 and 23 out of 25 on the threes quizzes.

This means I need to get 85% on the final to achieve an A+, and a 69% for an A. I anticipate the final will be much harder, considering it had a high average. I'm shooting for the A+...

My accounting midterm is tomorrow. Ideally I'd like to pass this course.

So far I've gotten 0, 0, and 0% on the three quizzes I've submitted.

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I've realized that I am ashamed of when I get straight girl crushes. I don't like them. Once you get one, you know before even trying that there is no hope. Nothing will come of it, except that bitter feeling of unfairness and remorse. Who knows how long it will take to get over it, sometimes a couple of weeks, sometimes a couple years.

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you have: 1 friend request

So she added me on facebook the night I turned down her study buddy proposition. Is it weird that I was kind of excited??

Interested In: Men

Damn. Ok, plan B: I'll turn her gay. That or I'll be her first girl she ever experiments with! K, sweet =)

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Study Buddy

I just got home from Van last night, had work all day today, all I wanted to do was go home, eat, watch my anime and go to bed. Doing nothing tonight was all I could think about while at work today.

Today the beautiful red head asked me if I wanted to come to school tonight and be her study buddy. I said no. What a dumb shit eh?!

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Red Headed Temptation

I caught it, she may not have noticed it but her eyes grazed up and down my body, twice.

Today was the first time I had ever run into the red headed temptation at school that I work with on saturdays. I think she saw me first, it was right in the middle of the most crowded building on campus. Wow she looked surprisingly cute today, even with a half assed single braid hanging over one shoulder, she had slept in this morning and was in a rush she tells me.

Urg so cute, so straight. But one kiss wouldn't hurt would it?! Oh if only...

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Sue Johanson came to my uni today. She talked about... SEX. Mind you, what else would she talk about? She wasss the host of the Sunday Night Sex Show after all =)

I remember watching that show when I was in... grade 8 or 9? Or maybe was it grade 6 lol ahhhh good times =D

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Accounting Blows big bubbles of Crap.

Oi vay I give up! Intro Financial Accounting can seriously kiss my ass. This course makes me look back at my first term and laugh! Second year Statistics was a joke compared to this crap. I have a quiz in 40 minutes in which I didn't study for (it was my friends 20th bday last night! It couldn't be helped...), and on top of that, I'v gotten zero on both the past quizzes.

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I love women. Yet why is it that I feel intimidated by the idea of actually dating one?

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"Live near the ocean and inhale the pure salt air that flows over the water, Vancouver will do nicely" ~ says my lulu lemon water bottle, which I got for discount from my friend who works there.

I live in Winnipeg, where we just went through a month long cold spell of -30 weather, in the -40's with wind chill. I cursed when I read that Bullshit.

"Children are the orgasm of life."

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Little virgin panty pussy

Imagine living, but if even for only a day, in a world that was primarily homosexualized. Yes I know homosexualized isn't even a real word, but, in my world it is =)

How much easier would it be to find, flirt and date other members of the same sex?! At this point in my life, don't even want to think about how different things would be.

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Sushi = yummy!

Today I bought a super micro-computerized rice cooker, played badminton, and made sushi for the first time (using my super micro-computerized rice cooker of course). I decided to skip out on the house robot party, where I would undoubtedly polish off one of my many bottles of wine stored in my closet. Instead I decided to stay home, do laundry and clean up my room.

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He told me he likes me, that's he's liked me for a while now. He's one of my best friends - I was hoping this wouldn't happen. Not that it makes things awkward though, it takes a lot more to make things awkward with me! I just, I donno. I guess it makes me feel kinda bad, for making him feel this way.

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nale, don't you ever read this again. Cuz' you'll feel dumb as shit.

oh golly. F'ing typical me. Tonight I went to this formal social you see. Had a few drinks, danced rather sluttly, you know, the usual. But this time, I danced with like, 4 guys, not including the random cute asian guy that tried to dance with me...

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