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Old friends, should never be forgotten.

Her head lay resting on my right breast, my arm around her waist. Her warmth, her touch, a feeling I have not felt for such a long time. I wanted to graze her body with my hand so bad, but I didn't. Her boyfriend probably wouldn't have appreciated that...

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My first A!!!!

So uhm, I GOT MY FIRST A IN UNIVERSITY!!!! Elements of discrete mathematics, brother number 2 took it and got a B. I'm feeling great. He'll be so proud.

K, time to go study for another 12hrs, I got my last (and hardest) exam tomorrow morning D'= BUt then I'll be freeee =D !!!

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Lots of stuff

So my brother number 1 applied for a mortgage the other day, ie he's moving on out! Which to me is a rather scary thing - I'll miss having him around the house! I mean, he's been around for the last 19 years of my life, ie all my life! Things just won't be the same...

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finals/uni talk

Yay. One exam done, 2 to go. One of which is tomorrow, which I haven't really studied for yet HA! and instead of studying, I took a nap in the study carrels, watched the newest ep of Bleach, and now I'm on here. I plan on heading down to the gym right after this too lol. So this exam should be interesting... it's only economics right?! how hard can it be?

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And today was only my first exam D'=

Today I wrote my exam, went to my other classes, left the last one early, came home, passed out at 2:30pm, got woken up for dinner, then proceeded in watching Star Wars Ep lV. And now here I am, at 10:30pm getting ready for bed on a Friday night. Feels good =P

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back in the day of tights and tutus!

It's a rare occasion when you meet/see people that you met while you were still in elementary school, and haven't seen since. I was ten years old. I want to say she is either one, or two years (max), older than me. We think we took tap and jazz dance together (we just discovered this yesterday =P). We'd always get in trouble for playing around, talking, and trying to step on each others toes.

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rather unexpected...

but ok! So I came out to one more friend today. She just kept asking me about boyfriends/boys in general. So I thought, hmm, I should probably just tell her...

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Mind, Body and Soul

I believe are essential in life.

I have soul.

I have body.

My mind is quite lost right now though. Imagine if my mind were a physical thing, like a ruler. It would be twisted, stretched and pulled side to side, torn in tiny fragments and tainted with cowardly intentions.

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keepin busy =)

Today was a very productive day. I've been having a few of those lately, which is nice, cuz' getting a lot in one day, means I can slack off almost completely the next =)

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Drugs and bad habits alternative 101

The Alternative:

The machine tells me: 184 heart rate, 400 calories burned. My legs are numb and wobbly, and my feet seem to have fallen asleep - perhaps my shoe laces were done up too tightly. So tired, so worn, I felt horrible - I felt great.

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it keeps going and going and going ...

Today I got pinched by a girl. Maybe 3 1/2 feet tall, approx. 6 years old. During swimming lessons today I guess she panicked while I slowly let her down from doing a "back star fish" float, and she fricken pinched me! It hurt! Instant bruising occurred =( That bitch.


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Hero of the day

Walking to my mandarin convo class, I couldn't help but notice a very cute girl, who seemed rather flustered by the vending machine. I walk by slowly. Turns out she paid for a bag of chips, but the bag got caught in the twirly thing/was stuck - don't you just hate it when that happens?

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Typical Me

We danced. She held me close, we intertwined fingers as we held hands. She'd take my hand, wrapped in her own, and fold them around my waist, my chest. The feel of her soft lips and moist breath against my neck sent a sensation of butterflies throughout my entire body. Our faces so close, we could have kissed.

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Tomorrow I'm going to attend my first ever meeting/open thingy with the gay group of my uni. I'm kinda nervous?

It's really the first thing I will ever do that's well, somewhat gay... other than the time(s) I made out with one of my good friends... but that doesn't really count, she's completely straight. And hell, we were both drunk and/or stoned. Not the same, you know?

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I put my email on the GSA list, and now I get emails from them every once and a while - I guess that makes me a member of my uni's GSA group thingy? I missed their first meeting though, and the first recreational meeting, as I had a class during one, and kung fu during the other. How unfortunate. I do plan on attending the recreational one next Thursday though.

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