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I wonder

how can I make this year different than any other year of my life.

Last year I came out to many of my close friends. I flirted with a few guys, had some fun.

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Night at local Bar

Last night I went to the local bar with some friends. Wednesday nights, beer is one dollar. That's right - ONE dollar! Thus it was pretty damn packed and filled up pretty fast.

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'I believe you and me have some unfinished business from last year'

Is what he said to me last night. I was like, O_o.

a) it was a little too straight forward for me//kinda rude.

b) I didn't know the little bit of flirting we did/he did with me last year counted as some kind of 'business'

and c) no matter how drunk I am, I just don't think I could even hook up with a guy right now.

Background info: I work at a summer camp for the entire summer.

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Ima Tank =)

Tonight I spent with my best homophobic friend ever =) I love the girl I really do, and I know she loves me. She's even more of a sister to me - we've known each other our entire lives, quite literally.

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summer's here

Girls in vancouver are oh so pretty. I just got back from a trip there, I live in winnipeg - where the girls here aren't bad either. Anywhos, I was just chatting with one of my friends about the girls in van that is heading out there next week about it, and I just got really depressed!

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fall - closet writers block

It is funny when other people fall, is it not?

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Best Homophobic friend everr =)

3 down 2 to go! Exams that is. Then I'm done till September =D

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I Like Girls!!

Today me and both of my older brothers went to school together for the first time, and perhaps our last - the oldest one is in his last year of education. He (the oldest one) came with us today to see his prof for the online course he is taking.

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3 years and 6 days.. but where to start?!

So according to my account I signed up here 3 years and 6 days ago. 3 years and 6 days ago I was out to no one - now I'm out to a nice little handful of my friends, and all who want to know I'd be more than willing to tell. I took me 3 and a half years for me to accept and grow comfortable with who I am.

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So Gay

So one of my kung fu friends is a total lesbo! To be honest I thought she was gay from the moment she told me she played softball! But, last night she brought her gf to our Chinese new years dinner/banquet, and pretty much confirmed my thoughts. So this is like, the first time I'v ever met a girl, thought she was gay, and then turned out she actually was!!

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stats, matricies TA, sweaty/wet girls, and the lack there of...

Mmm. A verrry pretty young lady sat next to me in my stats class today =) She's white, has dark hair with purple highlights (nicely done too), has nice, smooth looking skin, and has gorgeous eyes. We actually talked quite a bit during class, mostly of our confusion as to whatever the prof was saying (he's brown, with a verrrrry heavy accent!). He's old too.

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Vulnerability and Friendship

I spent over 12 hrs with him, just him. We went for lunch after kung fu, although we weren't alone, our sifu's and two others came along as well. Afterwards we headed out to school, this was at around 2pm, Saturday. Up until around dinner time we were actually studying. I'm taking this computer usage course online and I hadn't even bought the text yet.

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It's a new year, new opportunities..

So. It's a whole new year!

School's started up again, I got completely different courses than that of what I had first term, which is a good.. .. no, a great thing!! XD The day started up with sociology, my one full year course. I like that course. It's fun and interesting most of the time and it's a great way to start the day.

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Aw shit. I got my first F, and I kinda have a 50/50 hunch I might have failed my asian civ class too =( This F though was quite a shocker (though I kinda knew it was coming after I wrote the exam) but I just can't believe I got it in applied calc! Like urg, math was my good subject! Fuck fuck fuck, now I have to re-take the damn course. Urg, first term of first year uni kicked my ass!

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let's talk about sex baby

So, there's possibly a boy in the near future?

It's strange. I feel a bit strange right now.

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