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Feelin Dandy and Fresh

So spring break is over and it's back to school. Yay. K, I'm ready summer holidays now.

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It takes the p and the v to pop babys

My entire life I imagined myself growing up getting a decent job, falling in love, marrying a handsome man, and having three beautiful children. Well, I still plan on getting a decent job, as well as falling in love and later on having 3 wonderful children. But married to a man? I don't know.

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I'm so tired. Tired in every way. Lately I haven't been getting nearly enough sleep. This week was the first week of a new semester where all my classes suck. Karate, badminton, and time at the gym are consuming so much time, but I love being involved in all these activities so I think it;s worth it. And my social life? Pah! I feel it's slowly declining. why?

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omgosh! XD

My mom met Ziyi Zhang (chinese actress) today. At the place I go to excercise. She just walked by upstairs while my mom was working out, my mom talked to her, got her autograph. I am so jealous. She inspires me and is one of my favorite actresses, love her movies. She's so talented and gorgeous!!

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a book? me?

Today I bought a book. I never buy books, let alone read them. Keeping You a Secret by Julie Anne Peters is the first book that I have ever bought and read on my own accord. And you know what, it was the best eleven bucks I've spent in a long time. After reading so many comments on Oasis about this book, I just had to give it a try!

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Trip to Mall

So went to the mall today in hope of finding a new shirt for badminton, didn't find it. So, went to HMV/CD Plus to see if Howl's Moving Castle was there, as usual, nope! But Spirited Away was so I got that, ooOOOoo and a set of all three Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies :D.

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new yrs resolutions

I know it's a bit late, but better late than never. Plus I figure the more I write the down, the more I feel obligated to actually pull through with my goals.
(in no specific order)
goal #1 - Come out to atleast one more person (hopfully some one That I can continue talking to about it after that one day :/)

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Always changing

For me, I know that I'm atleast bisexual, but lesbian? nah I couldn't be. But even if I was, would I be able to admit it? Am I in denial now? still? I thought I was done with the questioning stage but here I am two years later still thinking about it. Oh how life is ever changing.

However I find that this time through it's a lot less stressful. Two years ago the whole idea of me even beening attracted to girls like 'that' hit me like a tone of bricks. On top of that I had no one to talk to. no one I could talk to.

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did you know that ........?!

Just some random interesting facts, the source is http://www.berro.com/entertainment/general_interesting_facts.htm

"Men can read smaller print than women; women can hear better"

"The population of the world can live within the state boundries of Texas"

"More than 2500 left handed people are killed every year from using right handed products"

"The Mona Lisa has no eye brows. It was the fashion in Renaissance Florence to shave them off"

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Ah it's been a while, but any who, a random post.

Oh High School Drama. I'm out of the loop on this one at the moment(which is a good thing), but it seems like everyone else is being wrapped up in it this year. It's wierd, some appear to be so simplistic, narrow minded, blunt, stupid yet reasonable, and then there are others that are harder to comprehend because there are simply too many variables to take in and often require all the hidden dirt to even be able to remotely understand the situation.

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So, I'm finally in my last year of my high school career. I've been a member of oasis for around a year and a half now, and I'd say my goal was to find and get comfortable with myself and perhaps even come out in my high school years. Well, I'm all good inside now but unfortunatly I never got around to coming out in high school, and I highly doubt that I will now that I think about it. Its not all intirly because I'm afraid or think I'll get a bunch of negative reactions though. It's just that ya, so what if I came out, then what? Chances are it would shock my friends (cuz they would neeever EVER think that I was one to be gay), so I would have to deal with that real awkward stage. Even though I'm pretty sure that no matter when I come out, there will be that awkward stage regardless.

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new neighbours, hot lesbian girl? - keep dreaming!

Well, nothing's really changed since last time, cept I'm actually pretty much completely comfortable with who and what I am. But anyways I thought I'd update with a little bit of something random. So once again one of my neighbours is moving out, this is like, the 4th time I'll be getting new neighbours, and everytime I always hope/dream of having a hot lesbian 17 yr old neighbour move in. *sigh* I mean really, it would be just so nice having one gay friend that I could talk to on a regular basis.

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straight girls

are wierd. or is it just the ones I'm friends with. I know they're straight. They have/had boyfriends, and a few of them crack the "wanna know how you're gay?" joke from 40 yr old virgin(don't get me wrong, its a great movie) and some have just clearly stated that they are not gay. Yet, some of them just love getting drunk and making out with eachother. last night there was even a girl girl lap dance. so in my head, I'm thinking why? do they do it for attention?cus' it's the "cool" thing to do? curiousity? or are they actually that drunk.

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well, it's been a while since i last updated. not much has happened. one of my best friends said she was against gay marrage. she says it's immoral. that really upset me.
on a better note though, i feel that i am completly over my straight girl crush(which i'm sure many of you know are awful to get) that i had on another one of my best friends. i feel that we have more of a sisterly friendship n

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not happy with myself

Last night I went to a little bit of a party and got drunk with some friends. By the end we had each made out with atleast one of the other people there. One of my friends, the one who I think I may be falling for but don't want to be asked me and another one of my friends if we would ever kiss another girl. My other friend said yes so they made out. But when it came to me, I just couldn't answer. I never said I wouldn't cuz' I didn't want to lie, but I think I made it clear that i wasn't going to make out with her last night. But at the same time I wanted to soo bad. But if I did, I'd want her to know that I'm atleast bi first you know? I even had a couple of chances to tell her last night too, but i just couldn't do it.

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