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How There Got to be Ghosts in the City

--- Okay so, I wrote this piece yesterday and I feel kinda weird about it 'cause for like two years all my stuff has been this spiraling spoken word performance stuff, and lately I've been doing more like, regular poems? Blah. Anyway, I'm all insecure and bizarre about this one, so if anybody feels like commenting or suggesting or anything, I'd appreciate it. Thanks, kids. ---

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"The Gay Side of Desperate Housewives"

I thought you guys might find this amusing. :)


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That's Quite the Camera

It felt like it was time for an update, so here I am, updating.

My family just so happens to have this AMAZING camera. I'm so excited to use it. It's a Canon XL1 (which is really, really nice, for those who have no idea what I'm talking about). As soon as my dear friend Emily gets back into town we're gonna make film-versions of this performance art stuff we do. It's gonna rock.

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"The Sky is Sinking"

--- Thought I'd post a poem, just for fun. This is very different from most of my stuff. Hope you guys like it. ---

The Sky is Sinking

The problem began
as a simple one: the sun
was shining too brightly, the children’s teeth
were too white.
We bought thicker curtains
and sweeter candycanes.
And then the sky began to quiver, then to shake.
In the stories it always seemed
as though it would come down

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Hi guys

Haven't been around in awhile, but I thought I'd post and just say hello, I haven't forgotten about you.

Things have been rather hectic lately, so I might be a little inconsistent with posting until everything settles down.

Aside from the chaos, things are generally good. The girl I accidentally slept with and I went to lunch yesterday, and though I kind of flinched every time she touched me (she's a super touchy-feely person), it went fine.

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Slept with a girl... By accident...

Hi you guys.

Something really freaky happened, and she wants it to be a secret, so I can't tell my regular friends. So I'm going to tell all of you.

I accidently slept with one of my best friends.

I know that sounds ridiculous, but I don't know how else to put it.

I absolutely never saw this coming. I am not (and have never been) interested in her like that. I'm not attratced to her. And she's straight.

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Love, in Retrospect

--- Yet another spoken wordy piece about Anna and a migraine... Damn I need some new material... Hope you guys like it well enough. It's rather pretty, I think. ---

Love, in Retrospect

The thing about the past is that
it isn’t coming back.
Everything I’ve had is
everything you chose to lack.
I hate feeling
I hate feeling
closed, made
of metal from head
to toe a brick a stone not

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Back Again

Hi everybody.

I was at this film school thing, which is why I haven't been on. But I'm back.

I had a good time. It was intense, and I spent a good bit of it rather sick over being gay, like "I just want to be like all the other girls"... :(

Everybody was totally sweet, though, and of course nobody felt weird about it but me. So that's good.

Anyway, that's about all. I am here again.

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Nothing Empty, Nothing Magical

--- Another new poem... As usual, it's a performance piece, but, as usual, I think it reads okay. It's not very gay or anything but I'm posting it anyway :). Right. Here it is. ---

Nothing Empty, Nothing Magical

There is this cast
iron part
of me and she
refuses to budge.
I keep throwing myself
into myself like
I think I’m made
of brick.
My chest is just so fucking thick and I keep clawing

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The Best Kind of Accident

--- New poem about a friend of mine. Ironically, we're not really speaking right now, but I think she deserves the tribute anyway. Here it is... Lemme know what you think. ---

The Best Kind of Accident

The two of us against your carpet have never been so far away while touching.
I say, “It is so quiet I can hear my blood moving.

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The Joys of Summer...

Hi. So not too much has been going on. Lets see... Has anyone seen D.E.B.S.? Really silly (gay) movie. :)

All in all I've been being very antisocial and not doing much other than write, watch Six Feet Under, and read. But I wanted to post something, if only to remined you all that I still can...

Francesca Lia Block's new book comes out on my birthday!

Right. That's all I have.

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My Life in General: Movies, Piercings, Pride

Hey everyone.

So I'm enjoying being summery and not getting much done. The downside of this is that I haven't got much news.

I saw Tipping the Velvet. For those of you who haven't seen it, you should. It's really fun. :)

Pierced my ear again, so I've got two on one side, now. I did it myself, without ice, 'cause I'm that hardcore. Heh heh... Yeah.

As a small attempt at gay pride I made two rainbow bracelets and now wear them, and added a rainbow pin onto my bag/purse thing. :)

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"So what's your diagnonsense?"

Hey everyone. Haven't written in a few days and it felt like time.

It's summer! Yay. I started a new novel!! Yayyy... I've been so freaked out for the last couple weeks. I finished the last one in the fall and it's only now I'm calm enough to start again. Anyway, this'll be my fourth, and so far it's the best yet, so maybe I'll actually let my parents send this one out. :)

Everybody I care about knows I'm gay and everybody's psyched! Woo hoo...

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"She Speaks the Truth"

--- Newest poem of mine that I actually like. As with a lot of my stuff, it's meant as a performance piece. But a lot of it is about being gay, so I thought I'd post it, just for kicks. It's kinda long, but I swear, it goes real fast when it's spoken, instead of read... Yeah. Here it is. ---

She Speaks the Truth

I am caught here
with no activity
left to me
but waiting.
I have this amazing

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