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Snowstorms in March

I'm not sure quite what I want to say, but I wanted to say something, so here goes.

I feel really bad today and I don't know why. Part of it is probably my whole anxiety issues whatever stuff, part of it is the weather. I live in New Mexico, and the last week or so it's been beautiful: sixty degrees and warmer, sunny, not too windy like it often is in March. Just great. But today there was the crazy snow storm. School was delayed, and it's still coming down hard. We're supposed to get about a foot, which is a LOT for here. Whenever it snows, I just get even weirder. It makes me anti-social; I just want to hide and watch the snow. Which is bad, because I get really... Strange and sad, if I spend too much time alone.

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...Second Entry? Don't Know What to Call These Things

I'd just like to start out by saying that this site is a lot of fun, and everybody here has been way nicer than I expected. :)

SO my boyfriend and I went out last night which was really, really fun. We were supposed to go to the movies but it turned out what we were gonna see wasn't playing. We drove around for awhile and then decided to go to school. It was really dark, and locked, but we got into the courtyard by squeezing in between part of the gate and the wall. Then we walked around and stood on the tables and talked and stuff for a long time. It turned out the bathrooms were unlocked so we went in there, where he broke the paper towel dispenser with his screw driver, for no real reason... I hope we don't have to have a gathering about it on Monday.

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First Entry...

So these are like blogs, no? Wow. Hmm. I'm wondering whether anybody will read this...

So I'm bisexual, but I've never actually had a girlfriend. About which I am very sad. Also, I WISH I was a lesbian. Because I feel like I'm lost in this weird void of sexuality, and because I know how dumb and silly a fifteen year old girl can look when she announces she's bi.

Right now, however, I have a boyfriend. He's a drug dealer. Well, just pot, but still. I'm really not sure how I feel about it, because I don't smoke (for a lot of reasons, most of them medical), and because... I don't know, it's. Illegal.

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