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kill the "beautyqueen" (:'

i hate the fact that alot of self-labeled "HOT"
girls think that they can walk all over guys and act like
lil bitches to everyone. now before the flame war begins
let me state that not all woman are bitches.
just this paticular type. using , maniplative, materialistic,
egotistical , self-absorbed ..bitches.
i think everyone has a free will to be whomever they choose to be,
but i don't know why these "hot" girls , which i feel

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i am soo glad that the rules don't apply to me...
packed into a sweaty night club , i feel pity on the
"pretty little people" dancing and carrying on like there
is not a care in the world.

the loud blistering beat of hip hop pounds into my chest as
i take another sip of my watered down captain coke

one part captain morgan rum
one part coca cola

fuck this -i feel like puking
what the fuck am i doing here?

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i love power , i love to look into my lovers eyes as i have full
control over him. looking deep into his eyes while i
take him all the way down my throat. nice and slow ,
i love the power i have over people.
i love riding him and making him cum inside of me after a long night
of hardcore fucking and sucking.
i love sucking his cock , i love sucking cock until the
nice warm hot tasty cum explodes all into my mouth then i spit

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if i was to take sex completly out of the equation , i would
definetly be with a girl. i can totally have sex with a guy
and really could care less about him the next second after orgasm.
i manipulate , seduce , flatter ,desire and do what ever i need to do
when i am horny.but afterwards , i really really really have no
feelings at all for guys. i hate them actually , they stink,
they are idiots and i really hate guys in general.

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i hate people

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ahh yes ..females!

when ever i go out now adays , i notice that i seem to be attracted
to more and more females . how could this possibly be?
i HATE girls. i usually end up hating the girls i crush on and
i usually end up liking girls i simply cannot have.
they are either wrong for me , i am not good enough and so on.

my attraction towards males never bothered me because the feeling
is concrete and reconizable. with females , it soo ambigious,

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