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heres my promblem PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT

i love my girlfriend. it known by everone. but there is only really a couple things that makes us fight. one that doesnt really happen anymore because i know she has to leave but doesnt want to. but the other one kinda confuses me. before she realized she was gay she dated this guy and did everything that high schoolers do. sometimes i feel like ill never measure up to him. no matter how she tells me she loves me and i know she does.

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sonnet: carianne, my angel

when you wake in the morning light in bed
i want to see your beautiful face
open up my eyes and see your head
buried next to mine covered with lace

we will make love and hold on forever
spend our time laughing at our own jokes
build our lives around each other
and not care about the thoughts of folks

yet your so far away form me tonight
i cant touch you or feel your hands
no matter how hard i try with might

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my girlfriends birthday

it was my girlfriends birthday yesterday. she a year older. that the first birthday weve been together for. i love her!!!

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saying goodbye to the one that was taken

i went into my room
and on the edge of my bed i sat
you were taken in a second darling
you always loved when i called you that

we had a love that people saw
even though sometimes you were scared
but between you and i there it was
a love that under our eyes was bared

you never knew what to do
when we we jioned at night
i woke and never saw your face
in the morning light

you used to cry after our fights

do you beleive that if your in love you and your partner will never fight?

yes, why would we?
3% (1 vote)
yes, but it takes a lot of work
0% (0 votes)
no, but we shouldnt fight a lot
50% (17 votes)
no, love takes a lot of work
44% (15 votes)
im not quite sure
3% (1 vote)
Total votes: 34
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my days these days

i had an attack of my heart again. ive been so stressed at work i dont know what to do. my dad is riding me to get these programs written and sent in. one of them is so complicated its for student and its about scence and physics and my father thinks i can write them without thought. it couldnt talk to carianne yesterday because i was in the hospital all night and im tired and i cant sleep without her.

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my appiontment

i went and had a colonoscopy yesterday. they didnt know what was causing the bleeding i was having. they found polyps. one large one and two little ones. they take them out next weekend to see if there cancerous. im scared. i told carianne this but she doesnt know why im really scared. sometimes its easier for me to type it here than tell her. im afraid im going to loose her. but i would climb through heaven to get to her.

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i need this place

i just thought i write how things have been going lately. ive found that its nice to have a place like this. where i cant talk to other people who dont judje me because i love women. lately things have been okay. they would be great if i wasnt so sick all the time but i think im getting better. every night i get to talk to carianne and everything is better. my dad has been on my back about work and aboutgetting programs done and stuff.

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my story i needed to write down

about 2 years ago i lost my girlfriend my first one. we meet when i was a freshman and dated till i was 16. on my 16th birthday got drunk and she came to get me and the only eway i would leave is if i could drive. being 16 made me feel amazing. so she said ok to let me leave. in a second i lost everything. one second. one missed red light and everything was gone. i have pins in my ankle shoulder and i have a hip replacment all form being tboned on my right side.

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i need help on this situtation. PLEASE COMMENT!

im dating someone im totally in love with and everything is perfect when im with her. but there is another girl, who to make it clear, i do NOT want or like in any way shape or form. but she keeps calling me and talking to me when were in class together. she wants me to forgive her for something. heres the storyy

a couple days ago she went with me to the gym. we were orginally friends who met at my colleges gay club thing.

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does this phone line not work?
are you so far away from me?
do others get to enjoy you?
do others get to see your smile?
can't you be here?
do i have to wait?
why baby why
do you love me the way you do?
when im not perfect the way you deserve to have someone
can you see the person i am in all this muck?
can't i stop thinking about you?
wait for me?

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my worries

okay so i recently enrolled in college and have been having a blast. my major is history education. but im worried that i wont be a good teacher. im worried that i wont be able to make a diffrence. i love kids and everything. if they have to go to high school why not maie it enjoyable for them. but still will me being gay have a negative effect? shoudl it be known im gay? i mean im not going to wlka in the first day and be like hey everyone my name is miss.

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wishing you right next to me

maybe if i close my eyes
and wish with all my might
youll be right next to me
when i fall asleep tonight

youll touch my arm to wake me
and kiss my lips so sweet
and in the morning light
your loving eyes ill meet

well spend the day in bed
well laugh and talk and kiss
and ill be just satisified
to be there with you like this

i could spend my life
just laying there with you
not worrying about what others

do you, when ordering a pizza, refer to it as a pie

59% (10 votes)
0% (0 votes)
6% (1 vote)
never heard of that
29% (5 votes)
only when my girlfriend/ boyfriend always says it
6% (1 vote)
Total votes: 17
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this is why i love her

she makes me laugh when im mad
this is why i love her
she burps without hesitation
this is why i love her
she thinks im funny
this is why i love her
she knows every song ever written
this is why i love her
she thinks about me
this is why i love her
she doesnt care about my money
this is why i love her
everything brightens when shes talking to me
this is why i love her
she gets jelous

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