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question about love ???????????

how do u tell someone and make them beleive how much you love them? how is it possible to feel so much and have someone else question it? has there ever been a couple who knew so much that they loved one another? love is a feeling that overwhelms you and when you cant get someone to understand it hurts. why doesnt she beileve me sometimes when i say it? do i say it wrong? does time and distance make it harder? im so in love with her.

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the way she makes me feel

god, im in love with her. everytime i talk to her i feel like im flying thousands of feet above the ground and no one can get me down. hahahaha i rymed. i miss her and i need her and i want her. shes everything to me baby i miss you and i love you

have u ever been in love with someone?

yes, i am right now
67% (4 votes)
yes, once or twice
17% (1 vote)
im not sure what it was
0% (0 votes)
nope, but i want to be
17% (1 vote)
nope, and i never plan on it
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 6
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the song that makes me think of her

I like the feel of your name on my lips
And I like the sound of your sweet gentle kiss
The way that your fingers run through my hair
And how your scent lingers even when your not there

And I like the way your eyes dance when you laugh
And how you enjoy your two hour bath
And how you convinced me to dance in the rain
With everyone watching like we were insane

But I love the way you love me

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damn that girl

so im totall falling for this girl. and shes amazing and talented and smart and funny and fun and sweet and i love tlaking to her becuase she makes me feel like i can be anything and she makes me laugh. and ahhhh i want her so much

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my haiku

here in this blanket
kissing u all night long; you
playing with my hair

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what u want

i know sometimes its confusing
the way we feel these days
but there is no limit of ure beauty
so i wont count the ways

ure scared about the falling
about getting in to deep
thinking it will never happen
knowing that we will never meet

every time i talk to you
my smile spreads out so wide
you say u cant beleive my feelings
but to u i have never lied

ive wanted something like this

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i need you

im going crazy!!!!!! im falling for someone ive never met were seperated by age and by distance but i cant stop thinking about her. when we talk i feel, like i can fly. why cant i have the person i want the person i could fall asleep talking to. someone i wish that will wake up in my arms. i want her i cant have her and it pisses me o so much. ahhhhhh. i give up. i want you so much it hu

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dreams, thoughts, and hopes

i see you when i wake
i think ure there with me
but then i turn to hold u
and my sheets is all i see

u skip across my mind
when i dress each morning light
i want to watch you sleep
i can imagine the beautiful sight

i go through my day
thinking of your face
i loose myself sometimes
thinking of your taste

i come home to talk to you
and my face lights up the room
and i pray to god to find a way

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chapter... oh shit i lost count 12 i think

as devyn flung the wooden doors open, she was met with a powerful blow
across her face. she fell unbalanced on the hard tile floor. she
up, and fury filled her face. hunter williams smoothed out his navy
suit. he picked up devyn easily and threw her down onto the paded
couch. she pulled herself straight and pulled her hair into a pony
her father sat down firmly in the large seat across from her.

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chapter 11

Devyn smiled and wiggled inbetween the sheets. she fluttered her eyes
and met them with hopes. hope pushed a piece of devyns long black hair
behind her ears. devyns hand caught hopes fingers as she tried to pull
back. she lightly kissed each finger and intertwined hopes fingers
with her
own strong, callused ones. Devyns olive skin was in complete contrast
hopes soft white skin. she pulled hope closer to her.

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chapter 10

Chapter 10:

Hope woke with a start. She was still lying on the couch that she fell asleep at thinking of Devyn. Here mind began to race about Devyn and Hope knew she would second-guess herself if she allowed this to happen she found the clicker and switch the T.V on. In a second her mouth dropped and she held her breath. Devyn’s face along with a handsome man’s, which hope presumed to be Devyns father, were plastered over every news channel; with the headline “gay or straight

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i got accepted!!! already!!!! ahhhhh

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to my dream girl

what is it im looking for
why do i need love so much
i need the smell the kiss
i need the simple touch

i need to be next to you
to wipe your tears
to see your smiles
i need to erase your fears

i want to show u everything
be the arms you sleep in
i need you to look inside me
to wash away my sin

but what can i tell you
to make you want me
what can i say
to help you see

your someone i cant shake

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WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!! for the love of christ. im not a bad person and im not rude. im nice and easy to talk to and im not that bad looking so why is it that no one gives a shit about me. i know that sometimes i have trouble opening up to people, but even when i do i dont mean shit to them. why is that. is it my fate to be alone my whole life. thats what i feel like. i fall for people who dont care about me.

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