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to my freind

yes your lost now
falling in oblivion
twirling into dark crimson
sorrow leaks from your eyes

but fear not my freind
for light comes from darkness
can you see it?
look a little closer

if you search
through the shattered pieces
of your silent world
you'll find something

it is the same thing
that caught you when you fell
the everlasting thing
that can never be weakened

time can not exhaust

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she stands silently
holding every piece of me
never knowing, in my mind
im cradling the hurt

she pushes it further down
hides behind the veil
of laughter and life
while shes stone inside

someone hurt her
this marble angel
encased with black
with courage exuding

she'll never know
deep within me
i hold her languid hand
and ellimanate the meltal tears

we could never be
she is in love

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lately ive been on alot of dates with these bicurious preppy girls and i just cant stand how i can never carry on a conversation with them.(i dont mean all bicurious preps are like that). but recently ive been tlaking to this amazing, stunning, brilliant, funny, and beautiful girl named michelle. she is the first girl ive known here that doesnt have an i.Q OF a chair. promblem: im not exactly sure of her sexuality.

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dear freind

your in a maze
confusion is all that surrounds
and when you reach the end
the galliant trumpets sound

but suddenly their cut short
from there triumphant tunes
your heart, it aches
and your body starts to swoon

How can i help my freind?
how do i even start?
your tangled in the swollen vines
lost with your golden heart

for what you seek
is so very hard to find
a love that consumes your soul

how do you handle realasanships in school?

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15% (4 votes)
a few close freinds know; not into telling everyone
37% (10 votes)
always together but never touching
15% (4 votes)
hold hands sometimes until someone asks
7% (2 votes)
everyone knows and im damn proud
26% (7 votes)
Total votes: 27
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this is crap

well, i was chosen to be on a panel of people who answer questions about diversity which are asked from the student body. i was specifically choosen because i am a lesbian. but a day before, i was kicked off not because i was going to talk about homosexuality but because i was, in fact, a HOMOSEXUAl and i proudly proclaim it. they said that they needed someone straight to do it. beats me why. the next day, my car which sits in a heavily guarded and survalianced parking lot, was wrecked:tires slashed, windows broke, wires ripped from my engine.

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