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The cake incident

Well, I've not had a particularly spectacular day or anything but one incident has pissed me off so I'm going to vent now!

Basically, the background to this is - I was with my girlfriend for 2 years, we live together and recently split up but are still living together. We are avioding each other at the moment - mainly by her never being here. Suits me though since she ended the relationship.

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wow, ive been gone a while!

Wow, I can't believe I've not been on here for nearly 2 years! Oasis used to be my lifeline! And it is where I tend to come back to for support, it's such a great community!

So whats been happening... well since I was last on I had a nearly 2 year long relationship. We broke up a couple of weeks ago and she's moving out from our flat soon. I was pretty gutted but it's getting better now. Think I still have a way to go before I'm over her but I'm going to work in (mainland) Europe for summer so that should give me some space and distance.

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so, whats new with me...hmmm...

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well ive moved into my new flat and after a week and a half without internet im relieved that the guy came round to install the cable for it today. its proving difficult to set up though. ive managed to get it onto the internet somehow but it wont install all the virgin media stuff and im not even going to attempt setting up the wireless yet.

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working, drinking, painting and packing

hmmm been working lots. today was day 5 of 10 days of work i have in a row. i didnt really mean to have 10 in a row - i was meant to have one of those off but one of my jobs needed someone to cover so i said i would.

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i want your opinions on something...

ive never had anything pierced and i decided a while ago i wanted to get something done. i was originally thinking of getting my belly button pierced but i decided against that, then i thought cartilage but i also decided against that. i want something that will heal quickly as it is my frist piercing.

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so polling is now officially closed... i want to know who won the election but it wont be annonced til tomorrow morning, plus i dont have a TV so i'll have to try and find time to look it up online. hope everyone voted!

well we cant beat americas awful choice anyway, i dont think that possible! sorry guys but why...

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girlfriends parents


so ive got exams starting on thursday. its starting to really stress me out. ive done lots of work for them but still have lots i want to do and i just cant seem to make myself concentrate. im going to go and do a bunch soon though.

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anyone remember me?

so i havent posted a journal in about 9 or 10 months but i came on yesterday to post a discussion topic and decided to give you all an update.

not sure if anyone will actually remember me. i used to be quite an active member when i was still at school. im 18 now, living in edinburgh scotland and at uni.

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my prom

as promised, i will tell you all how my prom went.

first a brief explanation - i was taking this girl as a date. we had once been sort of dating but then it kinda stopped and by the point of the prom i didnt know at all where we stood. so we were slightly more than friends. hmmm.

so we went together and it was a fun night.

the music was ok, the food was rubbish and they wouldnt sell any alcohol - even to the 18 and overs. tsssskkk, stupid school. they only did 3 scottish ceildh dances though, which wasnt enough. really it wasnt set to be a great night, but surprisingly it was alright - a chance to see everyone who we might not see very much now we have finished school.

in terms of being gay and coming out, complete this sentence: IF IT WAS A PERFECT WORLD...

...everyone i came out to would be fine with it
8% (8 votes)
...everyone would be queer
8% (8 votes)
...being queer wouldnt be a big deal
54% (53 votes) would ever find out
0% (0 votes)
...people would guess so i wouldnt need to come out
0% (0 votes) be straight
5% (5 votes)
...only straight people would need to come out
2% (2 votes) would need to come out
19% (19 votes)
...other (yeah i know my choices are limited)
3% (3 votes)
Total votes: 98
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i cant wait until sunday - its our school leavers ball ("prom" to all the americans in the audience :P)

my friend/ more is going with me as my date - although i dont know where thats going. we've kissed and been on a few dates but i dont know if she wants more. ill cross that bridge when i get there. my mum is letting her stay over after - thats a big step for my mother! :)

im really excited but i also know im the first girl to take a girl and i think the boys in the year below me might cause some trouble - they like to do that to me. ill let you all know how it goes!

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just checking in

heya all, anyone remember me?
maybe not. i used to post here quite a lot but eventually felt i didnt need oasis so much, once i started to be more comfortable with myself. i just thought id check in though and see how all my friends were doing.
ive been having a great time. ive got some really close supportive friends now and ive been accepted to the universities i wanted. ive officially finished school and just have to sit my exams now, then im free all summer. ive dated 2 girls since i last posted, both times ending with me getting hurt, but ive gotten more confident and learnt things about myself so all is good.

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good bye and be happy xx

im gradually coming on oasis less and less - mainly i just dont feel i need it so much. ive sorted my sexuality out in my head and in my life. everything isnt perfect, but im such a different, stronger person than when i first joined. i finally feel relaxed with myself. im making my life work out and im going to get somewhere. ive got into uni and im determined to work hard and be happy. i know ive still got things to face, parts of myself i havent explored and things ive not come to terms with, but i feel ready to live my life. so i guess what im saying is, bye oasis. i wont be on very much, but you can still message me - ill be in now and again to leave the odd comment and reply to messages. good luck and be happy!

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just in case...

...for anyone who has asked me in the past to add me on their msn messenger - mine wasnt working for over 6 months but ive got it working again so anyone who wanted to or wants to speak to me just drop me a message on here and we can arrange it...speak to my friends soon xxxx yey finally after long term message correspondance this feels weird.

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