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Everything I do...I do it for you


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late at night when all the world is sleeping...

late at night when all the world is sleeping i stay awake and think of you -selena

so vacation started today, that also meant terra left for italy. i was so hard. she is like my entire world, there hasn't been one day that i havn't talked to her since i met her, and only one day i didn't see her for atleast a little while. and now i have to go for 10 days without talking to her or seeing her..

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New <3

Well Hello there..I'm new..or you could say that...I had a journal thing on here FOREVER ago before the site crashed...but then life got crazy and yeah..anyways heres a little info about myself.

name- gabrielle, most people call me gabbie
age- 16
location- massachusetts
stats- in love my girl terra...been with her since 2/1/03..shes the most amazing person on the face of this earth and i love her more then anything!

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