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If Only Someone Would Ask

I wish that someone would ask me for the moon. I wish she would look at me with a smile on her face, from the circle of my arms, and say "please, bring me the moon." like that sweet little book by eric carl, when the young girl asks "papa, will you bring me the moon?" i'd find a ladder and put it on the highest mountain, and i'd reach up and pluck the moon down, if only someone would ask.

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I'm crazy

so, despite the fact that i'll deny it to the bitter end, i'm a politics geek. i love it! i hate it, but i love it.

and i love hte west wing. and i just had a CRAZY idea for and AU fanfic about the west wing.


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All About ME (thanks SML!)


McDonalds or Burger King? BK, McDonalds always screws up my orders
Pepsi or Coke? Dude, I use coke to clean off my garage floor...that stuff is nast. Pepsi's not much better, but between the two, Pepsi
Sierra Mist or Sprite? SPRITE!!!
Dominos or Pizza Hut? Neither, the Village Bakery does the best pizza in town

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Shining Armor

I want to be someone's knight in shining armor. I don't know how else to describe it. I want to be someone's protecter, the one who is always there to save them from any and everything.

I want to be someone's knight in shining armor. I want to ride in, and swoop down, and save them, be nice to them, be the only kind face they see.

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Making Sawdust!!

lol i just spent a couple of hours cleaning the garage (what fun) then making sawdust!! :D i'm making a new shelf for my room (i've got brackets and 3 shelves up already, and need to add another), so i bought the board, and just had to sand it down and cut it today. woot! that was fun.

R came and 'helped' lol. i was mostly done by hte time she got here, but whatever. it was all good.

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so, talking with wolf went WAAAAY better than i was half expecting...we just...talked. I KNOW! WHAT a concept. lol but yeah, no fighting, no hell breaking loose...we just talked.

i...i don't know where i would be without her. she is...everything. she's my sister, my friend. she's my touchstone. sometimes, she's the only solid thing in my life.

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Woot Woot! Another Survey (tanx, 5thstory!) EDIT: Actually, Tanx Maas!! :D

The Basics
Full Name: Garret
You like it? it's my new nickname...of course i like it
Birthdate: March 26
Height/Weight: 5' 3", 140ish
Eye Color: green/grey green
Hair Color: brown w/some red in certain light

Can you...
Drive? Yes
Drive a manual? Kinda...my car got wrecked before i could get really good at it
Touch your nose with your tongue? Why would i want to?

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so...i'm sitting in wolf's living room, watching this stupid movie with her, waiting for her bf to go to bed so that we can go out for a walk, so i can tell her that i think she sould break up with him. isn't that great?

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so...i get to tell wolf, hopefully today, that i think she needs to break up with the guy she wants to marry. doesn't that sound like fun? and all i can do is hope that she doesn't stop talking to me...

so yeah, that's fun. and i really want to tell her in person, but i'm not sure when i'm going to get the chance.

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All It Takes is Time (also: Have Faith)

rain falls like mist outside the window
gathers in crystaline drops on the end of branches
laid bare by falls winds and winters decent
and i say to a friend 'have faith'

the sky is slate grey
covered by clouds for days
and the whole world seems to beg for a shred, just a scrap
of color
and i say to myself 'have faith'

eruptions a million years ago
filled this valley with ash

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I Won't Apologize

i'm unsubtle, you say?
as you carefully apply your facepaint
to hide the tiny blemish you find so repulsive
i'm too out there?
too unconforming?

you say that i should just buckle down
accept the mask that everyone wears
accept the fashionable clothes
and pricey shoes
and want exactly what you want

you say that i should put on a dress once in a while
shave my legs and put on heels

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Dutifully Waiting for Inspiration

so...the rest of the country (states, that is), is having crazy cold weather...as i'm sure you're all aware, lol. but here in CA? it's a balmy 60ish, with rain. WTF??? 60??? it's JANUARY!!!

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What's Between 'Male' and 'Female'? Cause I'm not Either...

so...i have this new friend on WoW, his char's names is Ardwell, and he's just really cool. we tease eachother, and mess around, and, i dunno, he's just cool.

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An Idea....

so...i had an idea today. i was walking around the house (pacing in circles, actually), reading outloud PRESIDENT Obama's speech from yesterday (our newspaper published it, and i just had to try it out, lol). and it hit me.

i'm a good writer. at least, that's why people tell me. i love writing, but i've never liked the idea of being published, or doing newspaper/magazine stuff.

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i am SO fucking happy right now! i'm on top of the world! all the hope and change that he's talking about? i'm so totally on that bandwagon! and i am SO ready to start working for it.

i'm totally speechless, too. i cannot describe how...joyous i feel right now. Barack Obama is our PRESIDENT!!!! it's fucking incredible!!!

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