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Killing Time

"time does not run in lines! time runs in circles! that is why clocks are round!" thank you, RvB...lol

i've got about 6 minutes to kill til my episode of SVU is downloaded...it's really late, i should just go to bed, but i don't want to! lol

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okay, so, i'm finally high enough in WoW that i feel comfortable doing dungeons with other people (i hate doing them when i'm a low lvl, cause, it just sucks). anyway, i'm a 43, which means that for the dungeon i was running (scarlet monestary), i'm a bit high, so it's all good.

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WOOT! the survey epidemic is making a comeback!! :P

yay! more surveys!

Would you like to play a game? >:}
Do you like The Simpsons or Family Guy better?: I hate them both, but between the two, family guy, i suppose

Do you like to take surveys that are absolutely random?: what do you think? i'm taking this one!

Do you have any broken figurines in your room?: sadly, yes, but it's not because i'm a lazy bum who won't throw it away...

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Woot To Me!!!

i just got a job!!! not really, i'm not getting paid, but I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!

it's at the riding academy that i told y'all about, and i don't really have a set 'job', but i'll be doing whatever needs to be done. :D :D

i'm SO proud of myself! i got an idea, and i went for it, and it worked!!!

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Lots of stuff

first off, apparently Kate Clinton is going to be on the Rachel Maddow show tonight. YAAAAAAY!!! wow. okay. that's equally amazing as the fact that Melissa Etheridge was on her radio show yesterday...which was awesome, except that Rachel wasn't THERE, so someone else was interviewing her. cause really, if it HAD been Rachel, i think i would've...lost it. :D Entirely. lol

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Rachel Maddow *drool*

I'm horney. I know that. I'm horrible. and i'm totally head over heels in lust with Rachel Maddow.

she's so hot!! so cute!! i won't go into detail, cause i'll embarrass myself, but OH MY GOD!

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i'm so manic right now. my mind is racing, my heartrate's up, my hands are shaking. my chest feels all tight, and if i were talking, i'd be racing through my sentances a mile a minute.

and if you asked me, i'd say that i'm just about the funniest, most brilliant thing on the planet right now. FUCK i'm brilliant.

no, i'm not. my brain is just fucked up, and it makes me think i am.

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"Beauty, beauty, you have always been beauty"

~Andrea Gibson, The Moon is a Kite

this was inspired by...a lot of things. a song, about summer fading, and crying, and what that song provoked in me.

it reminded me of things i've seen, or written, or read that are so beautiful that it hurts. the beauty aches inside of me, as though something is missing from it.

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"Let's talk about sex!" (i am, actually, going to, and it may be 'inappropriate', so if that offends you, don't read it!)

so, the quote is from Suzanne Westenhoefer...yay. the rest though, is...

rambling. ayup, what i do best. as wolf put it, my 'cracked/crazy rambles.' :D lol

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I'm Proud Of Me!! :D

okay, so, I had a total brainstorm last night, that i could maybe work at the ranch where i used to take riding lessons, if the instructor/owner wanted me to, and i was all excited


i'm HORRIBLE about following through on late night thoughts like that. like, it'll sound great at the time, and then i'll just be too whatever the next day to actually do it

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meh meh meh MEH!!!

i want meaning. i want something to bitch about. i want to feel happy about something!

i'm in a crappy mood cause i slept in really late, and i'm trying to get better about it, and if i tell y'all why i slept in, i'll sound like a spoiled rich kid and i'm NOT.

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EWWW!!! ARG!!!

ewww!!! i just read the most unsatisfying book! it had a great premise, but the author CANNOT WRITE!!! and it's so frustrating!! the dialogue was stilted, and the whole thing wound up sounding totally contrived. i mean, really, you don't fall in love in a week and them promise to spend the rest of your lives together!

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i have this incredible urge to run. not away from anything, but to something new.

i'm so tired of my life. not that there's anything wrong with it, not at all. in fact, some would probably envy me.

but it's not enough. not nearly enough. i'm so thoroughly unsatisfied that sometimes i forget, because it's so all consuming that there's nothing else.

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i'm in the mood to write. i don't know why. it could be that i'm a bit manic, and it could just be a sugar high. i just ate a huge cookie, even though it's actually dinner time. but, my mom's bbqing, and something went wrong, so we're not going to eat for another hour, or so.

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oy. i'm just embarrassing myself today. not horribly, but ugh. i was txting with El, who i haven't talked to or seen in months, and i wasn't sure if she knew it was me, so i asked if she knew who she was talking to, and she did, and now i feel like a moron. i don't know why, it's just horrible! i don't even want to keep talking to her!

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