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i'm turning into my mother!!!! aaaaahhhh!!!! early to bed, and early to rise....what the hell is wrong with me?? i was DEAD by 9 last night! and that was after spending the day lying around in front of the fire, watching movies! (and yes, i mean ALL DAY)

and then i sleep solidly for 9 and a half hours, to wake up at 6! seriously, people, there is something wrong with this...

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hi. :D i'm happy. i'm being purred to death! my leg is about to fall off, but i don't care!! i have a cat on my left thigh, who is trying to claw my chest, to get my attention so that i'll play wiht her! :D this makes me soooooo happy!!!!

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Dog Bite

Yup...i can now check that off my list of things to do before i die.

my aunts' dog, Colby (who's a yappy little shit, if you ask me...), bit me today. and no, i didn't really provoke it...he's just a yappy little shit. it's not a bad bite...he barely broke the skin. but my hand is all swollen, and it hurts like HELL. fuckin A!! i've been icing it...took a ton of tylonol. still hurts.

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so, according to my aunt I, the people of CA are ready to come after homosexuals with pitchforks and torches.

WHAT THE HELL?? she thinks that domestic partnership is about to get overturned! that somehow it's going to get go to a vote, and the californian people are going to throw it out. What the fuck?

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so...if i had $250 (which might be my xmas present, and might not...), should i put it into savings, and let it earn interest? or should i blow it on something?

like...games, and a massage?

or...save for a car?

not that i'll have enough for that for a while...sigh. lol i really need a job!!

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Um...No Title today...just Randomness

okay, so, the drive up to mendo was meh. i was tired, my mom was cranky...not a good combo. mostly we didn't bite each others heads off, but it was a close thing.

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3 months!!!

WEE!! as of today, i officially have only 3 months to go until i turn 18!! :D i'm sooooooo excited about that!!

in other news...not much to say. yesterday sucked, but that was no surprise. in an atheistic family, presents are the only special thing about xmas (aren't we so shallow? lol), so, with no presents, it's not much of an xmas.

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This is best read aloud, with many people around who appriciate the nuances of the English language...or at least with folks who'll laugh easily! lol It's totally freakin brilliant! And, as a member of a language obsessed family, I LOVE IT!! lol

English Pronounciation

Author unknown

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SUZANNE!!!!!! :D :D :D :D


This actually isn't an xmas present, but it just hit me, and ZOMFG!!!!!

I'm going to see my absolute favorite comedian, Suzanne Westenhoeffer (and yes, ladies, she IS GAY!!!!!!!) in like, TWO WEEKS!!!!!!! ZOH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!

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WEE!! Survay from Clarice123!! lol :D

I have many...

Date of Birth:
March 26, 1991

Woodland, CA

Current Location:
family room

Eye Color:

Hair Color:
dark brown w/red


darn near everything European, plus Russian, Polish and a few others, but i look pure Irish

3 holes in left ear (top one's closed, though), 1 in right


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Title? Why do i need a title??? :D

"Laughing, Vance jumped down to assist her, not because Mae needed her arm, but because it pleased her to offer it. She was astounded and grateful that Mae understoond that." ~Radclyffe, Promising Hearts

this book is...amazing. it's told like a classic Western...only different. partly cause it's more about PTSD than the wild west. i love it. i'm not making any sense.

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i LOOOOOOVE her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my god!!! :D :D :D i LOOOOOVE radclyffe. she is the best author, ever. i am so in love with her books. :D AND I JUST GOT TWO NEW ONES!!!!!!!! yayayayayay!!!!

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Too much

i'm numb. i cannot feel anything, but this awful weight on my chest. i can hardly write. i don't understand anything.

i hate the things i'm feeling. i hate being in love. i hate the fact that it won't go away, and i hate the fact that i care.

i want to give up, but something in me won't let me.

how do i push back? i don't know. i don't seem to know anything anymore.

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I want it to be over

i'm so sick of feeling like this. depressed and angry and...sad. that doesn't even begin to describe it. sad.

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Another story...

I just started this story...I'm not sure where it's going, if anywhere, but I'd love to know what y'all think. :D I'll post more as I write it... No title yet, but too bad. :P

"GOR-geous redhead, two o'clock." I turned my around to look over my shoulder and choaked on my iced tea.
"Him?" I asked, turning back to face Lila.

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