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i really enjoy just randomly dropping by here and writing short journal posts.

hello all!

it's amazing how many of you i remember. it's been a while since i've stopped by.

anyway, if any of y'all are on tumblr and enjoy pictures of food and beautiful women you should follow me!


(jeff will probably fuss about me coming by only to whore out another site but i don't care!)

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wow, haha, i still remember the password for this site.

hello all! highly doubt many of you remember me, what with the high turnover rate this site seems to have.

anywho...basically just wanted to see if i still had an account on here (which i do, obviously) and say hello...

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While not as expected....

things worked out in the end.

i should be going now. for good.

bye y'all.

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Pretty sure about %80 of you don't remember me or don't even know who I am, but beggars can't be choosers....

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i made the decision to transition to male.

but i can't tell my dad yet because i'm pretty sure it would destroy him...


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so proud to be southern sometimes.... *head/desk*

but i'm really glad i'm not from Mississippi.


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be good and pm me if you'd like.

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To all my Lesbos:

Bitch Slap is now available on DVD.

you can order it here and here

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Privacy Tips from a Pro: This Ain't Facebook Y'all...

In light of recent events, and the fact that this issue seems to be pandemic not just here, but all over the web, Ol' Icarus here is going to give a few pointers on how NOT to screw up your life and other people's lives on Oasis.

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it's kinda fun to post these little mini-updates.

this one's supersupermini.

bleached my hair. looks good. i look uncannily like draco malfoy in the movie. blonde hair. green eyes. dark eyebrows. i just need to grow a foot and lose about 50 pounds and i'll be set.

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doing an "action" story series with queer protagonists.


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this journal is pure(ly) narcissistic

i still like dropping by and reading you all's journals. i've found it's much easier to be an observer and commenter than a journal....er. yeah.

but still...felt like dropping by and saying hello. with the turnover this site's starting to have, dunno how many of y'all remember me, but hi anyway!


EDIT: oh sweet baby jesus, i always seem to have the worst grammar at the most inappropriate times. *facepalm*

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Writer's Block...

is a mother-fucking bitch.

seriously, oasis peeps, if you really really want to keep contact with me and see how things are going (and honestly, i would love to hear from you guys) add me on Facebook here. Shoot me a message or something letting me know who you are, 'cause otherwise i'll just ignore it.

because honestly, i'm not planning on posting anymore journals on here anytime soon. i'll pop in with a comment if i really feel i need to, but will not be logging in otherwise.



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from the internet.


i really, really, really need some time to just think, and being on whatever site 24/7 doesn't really help much when it comes to introspection. so, i'm writing a journal on facebook, uploading that vid i've been meaning to upload, and starting tomorrow, i'm done for a period of time that has yet to be determined.

see y'all at some point.

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swear words i have made up while driving...


motherfuck almighty

cock-sucking-motherfucking-pus-sucking shit

christfuck almighty


jumping jehosefuck


and i'm sure many more that i can't think of.

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