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My sister and I were watching A Haunting and this lady popped up and scared the crap out of her husband. I yelped, as did my sister, though neither of us do that usually. Paranormal Activity didn't scare my sister, but low budget ghost shows sure do.

then again, this show's creepy as shit sometimes. 'cause i means, shit's damn creepy.

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five people came.

out of the 30+ people who said they'd probably be able to come.

so yeah, things degraded into a heap of shit pretty quickly.


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:) :(

gahhhh.....the dye's fading already. stupid shitty dye. i emailed them, but they haven't emailed me back yet. ugh.


hide-and-seek tonight at walmart. been looking forward to this alllll week. :D

nothing else really to report. might be getting my hair cut soon. so, here's hoping.

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i'm my old english teacher's son's new bestie.

that's about the highlight of my day.

well that and my director just asked me if i could help her with her youth acting class. :D

god i'm so bored.

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now if only i had money.

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dear cutie high-schooler,

if you could just stay out of my dreams. and day dreams. and every waking thought. that'd be great.



p.s. i miss you.

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wish made.

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just call me Bosley...

i'm such a typical fatty. i just ate my weight in white fudge covered pretzels and drank enough red bull to keep an elephant awake and now i feel much better. god.

in other news, i may have found a way to make some petty cash.


it's pretty sweet and it helps waste the day.

i feel a story coming on. :)

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so right now...

i'm pretty pissed off.

i ask for so little, i really do. and yet, almost every single fucking time, something happens to make it blow up in my face.

if i weren't an atheist, i'd say god was laughing at me.

but whatever, i guess the cards just aren't ever in my favor.

fuck it, i'm going to bed.

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Icarus is torn...

between ingrained patriotism and anger towards a pointless war.


to all the veterans, I salute you for your (albeit somewhat misguided) pursuit of protecting your country.

to all the current soldiers, I salute you for the same thing, even if your government insists on throwing you down the pit like broken toys and you probably don't even know what it really means to protect your country anymore.

to the gov't. well....fuck you.

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facebook is fucking up.

my bank has stolen from me for the second time.

and now they refuse to resolve it.

because of their incompetence, i'm short on a check i wrote. which means when the check clears, i'm in the hole to them for 35 bucks, money i don't have.


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pointless post is pointless

i would cry so hard if someone brought me mexican food in the near future.

like, i would weep.

my god i'm a glutton.

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ok, you know what?

i am really fucking sick and tired of my sister acting like she's three.

i love my sister, i really do, but she needs to stop acting like a child. she's fucking sixteen and still throws temper tantrums when things don't go her way. earlier today she was slamming things around and screaming obscenities and my dad just acts like there's nothing wrong. he just sits there and ignores the fact that my other sister and i get cussed out on a regular basis because "she's in a bad mood and that's how she deals with issues..."

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i decided that i'm going to memorize howard beale's two iconic speeches and perform them for youtube.

boredom's a wonderful thing.

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*sits quietly, inspecting her fingernails, waiting for some people to get over themselves and get on with their lives.*

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