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so my sister and i decided to make the most epic game of hide-and-seek ever. it's gonna be in walmart and we're inviting eeeeeeeeeeveryone we know so it'll be the biggest game ever.

ahhhh youth.

also, i'm trying to find ways to keep the kids calm around the holiday/exam time.


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i'm just going to nestle myself into a bed of fluffy fiction and think that the reason she's avoiding me is because she has conflicting feelings about me and doesn't know what to make of them.

whereas in reality, it's most likely that someone said something about me being gay or she figured it out, got freaked out and thought that i might jump her bones.


life is awesome.

in other news, i might have convinced my friend to come home to go to school down here. :D

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Thanks Jeff....

now that's gonna be running through my head alllllll night....

"You know what they call a quarter-pounder in France?"

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blue hurrr....

it's amazing how little things can make you feel better.



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lol wut?

the static hissed and crackled, a fading breath, the dying gasp of the ancient radio as it desperately grabbed for the last legs of life. feeling merciful, emily snapped it off, gazing at it for a moment, considering it. plastic dials watched her mournfully, bent antenna seeming to reach toward her, aching for human contact. it was old, older than by at least a decade. she'd found it on the side of the road three years ago, about a minute after stepping into town.

What color should Icarus (me!) dye her hair?

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Total votes: 7
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state capitol

i've had a very bipolar day.

ups and downs, along with some serious and not so serious contemplation.

also, if a girl avoids you in a weird way, does that mean she likes you or just thinks you're a freak?

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way to go Maine.

way to go.


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what am i doing?

no, seriously.

what am i doing?

i'm flirting with my younger sister's friend.

he's so adorable, but oh dear lord it wouldn't work.


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it's a bit creepy when you know someone who knows you waaaaaaay too well.

like, i did this survey thingy on fb, and it was like, "Tell ten people things you could never tell them..."

and L guessed almost ten for ten.


good news is, that's pretty much the hammer coming down on the nail of the coffin of my unrequited love for her.

soooooo sleepy. gosh.

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my dog just scared himself with his own flatulence.

i keep fantasizing about a woman twice my age.

also, new avatar! it's my shmexy face (not really shmexy, but indeed my face)

sleep tonight.

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last show tonight.

i'm not quite as torn up as i should be. it'll probably kick in tomorrow or something like that. i've got about a month of down-time before auditions for the next show. well...hopefully it'll be less than that if we do the christmas trail thing.

cast party was really fun.

i'm halfway in love with my director. hmmmm.....

have you ever just wanted to play with someone's hands? just sit there and hold them. i dunno....


i'm in an odd mood. i'm not tired, i'm exhausted but absolutely ecstatic.

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"I fall a little bit in love with everyone I meet...."

what did i mean by that? it feels true though. i'm a little bit in love with everyone, which makes it all the more difficult to understand loving one person completely.

a special part of my heart belongs to my director. like forever.

i know i'm being sentimental, but i can't help it.

there's this sense of happiness in my soul right now that i just don't want to shake. someone asked me the other night why i came back home, and i couldn't explain it. being home is just...heartening.

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:D :D :D

first show's done...

took a TON of pics in my downtime. for those of you who have me on fb, the pics are up.

me in makeup. EDIT: i added a comparison photo.

cutie high-schooler. (on the right)

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hmmmm....(second post)

my sternum vibrates when i cough, in a really, really, really disconcerting way. my dad says it's chest congestion, which i'm likely to believe, but i have a nasty habit of things developing into something worse because my father doesn't like to take me to the doctor. but we'll see i suppose.

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