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i feel a little better now....

well, since i couldn't listen to andrea, i wrote a poem a la andrea...not that i could even come close to doing her justice...

i knew i loved you the morning you
woke up
with cotton
still drifting
off your skin
like rays of light
or clouds of steam
drift off
country streams
and you
looked up at the
with fireflies
still in your eyes
and you watched
the sunrise
like you'd never seen one
and with a smile
and a laugh
you said you
woke up for the
first time that day
you said you
smiled for the
first time that day
and even though
you said you

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both of my andrea gibson albums.


i don't have the cds anymore, because like an IDIOT, after I burned them to my computer i let them kinda drift out somewhere...

and somehow from the switch from my old laptop to my new one, they vanished. i can't find them anywhere.

*collapses in a corner, sniffling*

and i'm broke, so i can't afford to buy the cds again....

favorite albums ever. gone.

i'm gonna go mourn some more...

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suddenly in need of compassionate reassurance....

i can has hugs....maybe? i feel unworthy...

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I've got a feeling...

Kristen Wiig is headed in the same direction of Rachel Dratch. Only...more employable outside of SNL. She's smart enough to play those roles that NO ONE else will play and pull it off with enough pizazz to actually be funny.

and now i can't remember what my original post was going to be...

oh well, goldfish and amp!

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is there some sort of newsletter or handbook i can subscribe to that can help me understand what exactly it is my parents want me to do.

parent: "You need to start looking at your options for schools and such..."

me: "Ok, you're an adult, what do you think of this school or this school?"

parent: "I never said that we wanted to give you our opinion! Go make decisions on your own, and let us fuss at you when you do!"

me: T.T "Ok....but I kinda need to make this decision sorta soon, so I'm not in my 20s and still an undergraduate."

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The Hunger...

some studio is in talks about remaking 'The Hunger'.

That does it, my adolescence has officially been raped.


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I'm selling my underworks binder. so i don't turn this into ebay, pm me if you want more info...

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my sister has some serious anger management issues.

with her slamming the computer around like that, it's no wonder she goes through electrical equipment like jack nicholson goes through women.


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GAH! switching computers is the pits yo.

i just lost all of my desktop wallpapers through some sort of glitch.


the upside is, now i can look for more.

hello gorgeous women. :)

in other news, i'mma fatty.

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*passes out*

so today was ok. just finished revising L's Frankenstein essay for critical reading.

Child needs to find another major. Good lord. I love her more than words can say, but good god, writing is not her strong point. at all. ugh.

also, so glad i went to my sister's SCAEL practice today. i love smart, funny high school kids. My sister (other sister, who's actually friends with some of the players) needs to hang out with smart kids. I mean...really.

who knew sexual innuendos could be so fun?

oh wait....


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poppyseed bagel.

also, first rehearsal tonight.

that is all.

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is 19-20 too young to come to the realization that you don't want to naturally have kids? and by naturally i mean get pregnant and give birth. i just....i dunno, i like kids, i really do, i just don't think i'm one of those people who was supposed to get pregnant.

just wondering....

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don't ask, i have no idea.

ok so, i'm sitting in my friend's dorm room, he's at a meeting, i'm just chilling, about to take a shower. i'm spending the weekend up at UMW with him. so much more to talk about, but i need brain power for that, so that'll be later.

happy. :)

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just realized that two of my potential tattoos could be linked back to the Twilight series.

Apple: It's on one of the covers.

Claire de Lune: It's apparently one of Edward's favorite pieces.

Not that this deters me in anyway, I'm just going to have to prepare myself for a lifetime of explaining to people that "No, it's not a Twilight tattoo. I hate Twilight."

Stephanie Meyers can DIAF. GURGH!!!

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it's all bland, it's all beige, it's all....wallpaper. no one feels anything, no one says anything. nothingnothingnothingnothing. i feel nothing now. that's a lie. i feel everything. everything i never wanted to feel. that loneliness, that deep, dark, horrible feeling of lonely nothingness where i don't mean anything and i don't matter to anyone. noonecarenoeonecarenoonecares. i don't care cause no one else does either. ohhhhhhhh god i'm spiraling down into the places i shouldn't go and i hope i can pull myself out this time.

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