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yeah, i'm tired. i'm always tired. i've never known a time when i wasn't tired where i didn't have some sort of narcotic (legal!!!) helping me.

had gym today. wasn't as bad as i expected. went by really quick. had a sub, so basically cameron and nicole (two athletes who are fairly nice) basically led the class and they wanted to get through it as fast as we did, so that was nice.

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HEIL HITLER!!! (and other bugs bunny cartoons)

i don't think my eyebrows can go up any higher.

a cartoon featuring a very fat nazi and bugs bunny posing as hitler.

i don't know why this is on tv, but damn it sure is funny.

in a weird way. i feel dirty watching this. it's like watching a cartoon making fun of muslims. it's odd.....

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can't sleep

can't sleep.

nose stopped up.

sound like an idiot.

school in three hours.



something about fran.....

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So Cold

Not in the metaphorical sense.


i can't get my body temperature to regulate. i've been sick for the past three days and i have school tomorrow.

day-um. new semester tomorrow too. if i miss it, that's gonna suck. i hope i feel better tomorrow morning.

i need a hug.

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through my fevered daze, her presence is a cooling fountain

god i love that child.

only she could make me feel better now that i feel like death warmed over after being stomped by godzilla.

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I'm Baaaaaaaaaacccckkkk.....

yeah, this was going to be a long journal entry, but then when i actually do it, i realize i can summarize this week in a couple sentences. so, here goes:

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I'm bored, and being the incurable narcissist i am, i decided to let you guys know some random crap about me....

-I'm short.

-I like dissecting things.

-I don't really know who I am.

-I'm in love with one of the sweetest, nicest, straightest girls in the world.

-I think I'm falling in love with my best friend.

-Cows make me smile.

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open me up
spill me out.
heart is
rip me
show me
i am unable to
for myself.
for me.
bred for you.
dead for you.
i'm a
for you.
like a toy.

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Dissecting Frogs entertains me....

yeah, i'm a sick fuck. so what else is new?

but it was! it was fun seeing how everything worked. i'm not disrespectful, i wasn't tossing body parts about or anything, i was just looking.

it was really cool. i sat there with a leg and watched the muscles flex for like five minutes.

i think i definitely want to be a doctor if i don't decide to be an actor.

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A love-filled exclamation towards all Oasisians!!!

i just want to say without you guys, i would definitely not be the person i am today.

i am filled with so much love and compassion for you guys, simply for having the courage to make it through and to be there for other people.

i wouldn't be able to name you all, but just...thanks..

*huggles for everyone*

even you jeff....

*special hug for jeff*

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so yeah, i'm about to cry now

why? why is there so much violence and hatred in the world?

why is there death and killing and blood and gore?


i need a hug.

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Univ. of Richmond is preeeeeeettttyyyyy....

i listen to Breaking Benjamin way too much for my own good.

went up to univ. of richmond for ajudication for gov. school. i have like .0000000001% chance of getting in so, wish me luck!

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Hey! I'm Straight!

Haha, not really. as if i ever could be. i just wanted to grab your attention.

had a stupid Biology SOL today. it was hard as crap. that's probably because i didn't study for it, but hey. i'm a retard, i know. but thos damn questions were so hard! and their wording was all weird. i hate tests like that!

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GAH!!! I'm about to rip my hair out!!!!

this stupid monologue is driving me insane. i can't get the tone right.

i'm doing one of blanche's monologues from streetcar named desire, and i can't seem to get into character. it's driving me nuts.

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First Line

stealing whateversexual_llama's idea cause it's cool!

Jan. 06-Okay, I need to get off the internet, but I am kind of laughing at something that popped into my head the other day. (laughing at my own lesbian-ness)

Feb.-Well this was going to be a story, but I read over my rough draft and found a couple glaring mistakes, so I have to go and fix 'em.

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