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New Year

spent new year's with my friends. i had such a good time. it was a lot milder than our other times, but that was probably because it was rainy and cold and we were all worn out. but it was really cool.

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Oh....the pain....

of acid indigestion. I was lucky enough to be standing earlier. Took some antiacids and now i feel a little better.

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this makes me feel so sad.

i'm watching Dr. 90210, and i just can't help feeling sad for these poor people. these beautiful people, because of what society and the media had told them, try and make themselves into something that's not humanly possible.

and, it just sickens me that these doctors perpetuate these lies simply for the money. grrrrrr.....

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Incest on Kid's Programming?

maybe i just have a dirty mind, but the relationship between ashley tisdale, and what's-his-face on high school musical seems vaguely insectual. she's the dominant, he's the submissive and the first time i saw it, i thought they were girlfriend and boyfriend. ew.


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i just can't win. i start to think i'm over her, that i can move on. live my life. i get a message for her and a grin like never before graces my lips.


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Merry Christmas!

So yeah, it's christmas, it's cold and rainy, but it's christmas!

so...peace, goodwill towards men, all that.

Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas

Happy Hannukah

Happy Winter Solstice

Happy Kwanzaa...



Merry Christmas!

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Insecurites, reawakened again...


i thought i was over this shit. but it seems to have reared its ugly head again. i'll spare you the details and just let you know that when i get depressed, i GET DEPRESSED. this is not, "Oh, i feel kinda sad." This is, "I'd like to jump off the deck and break my neck right now just to make the negative feelings go away." and tomorrow's christmas eve.

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second journal entry in the span of an hour, but i couldn't wait

okay, if i can pull it off, i think what i'd like to do as a career, is join the air force, be a medical officer in there, maybe for a while, maybe forever.

if i do leave, once i'm done, i'm gonna go around the world doing the doctors without borders thing and help people.

whaddya think? huh? huh?

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Bullets & Broken hearts, littered in the street...

The title is part of a poem i came up with today in world history....don't ask, i was bored.

i got my hair cut today. i got bangs, but i dunno if i like them yet. probably once they grow out a little, i'll like them. i definitely don't like the way they look with my hair down. maybe i'm just picky, i dunno.

tomorrow's the last day of school before christmas break! yay!

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There exists a melody that just might change your mind...

i've had that stupid hellogoodbye song stuck in my head all day. i was actually humming it in third period! grrr.....

good song, but gets annoying after a while.

she's so cute, but she'll never be mine. oh well, at least we can be friends.

i dunno how i feel about christmas. i'm just waiting for christmas break.

i really want cherry poptarts, but it's midnight, my dad's asleep, food lion's closed and i can't drive to wal-mart. dang.

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Ending the Hypocrisy

my own hypocrisy is ending.

this sounds really stupid, but i don't care. i was doing some myspace survey and it asked me what i had on my desktop. (it's a sexy picture of kate beckinsale from underworld....mmmmm....) and usually i wouldn't have said that, because i'm too afraid of exposing myself. i had a bad experience with too much exposure last year....

but i realized something. i fight for gay visibility and gay rights all day, but i don't apply them to myself for fear of losing my friends.

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you're so cold, but you feel alive

don't ask...

i am now in love with three things/people:

1.) Kate Beckinsale...watched Underworld and Van Helsing within a 48-hour period and now i'm hooked. goddamn straight british women with their big brown eyes and long brown hair and sexy accents and their...*wanders off mumbling incoherently....*

2.) The band Breaking Benjamin, i heard one of their songs this week and now i'm totally in love with them. i ordered one of their CDs i loved it so much.

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No School for me Today

i'm playing hooky. actually, i needed to get a lot of sleep because if i was in school today, i wouldn't be of any use. (or at least, that's my explanation ;) )

started writing a story last night. the first time in what felt like years. i think i might actually be able to finish this one too. i'm working on the first chapter. i might post it on here and see what you guys think. it's sci-fi/fantasy, werewolves and vampires, with a lesbian main romance.

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Food Channel: Porn for your stomach

gotta love jim gaffigan.

also, i've decided that watching a really, really, really, HOT british woman talking about peaches is more than someone like myself can handle...


i love these random blogs i'm leaving here.

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World AIDS Day

i'm surprised no one's mentioned today's World AIDS day.


i hate that i care about these things but have no way of helping the people in need.

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