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ok....i have a question...i didn't post this as a forum topic because..well i didn't feel like it.

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if happy little bluebirds fly.....

ohhhhhh my god.

back from the audition. the read was fun, i played a witch who's dracula's best friend. i was going to read two parts, but the director was like, "I've got all I need..." after that one. I'm hoping that's a good sign. It's a kid's show, a musical about dracula finding love. very fun.

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the life of a budding actor....


audition tonight, with singing parts. i was initially just gonna sign up for backstage duty, but i figured what the heck, i might as well give the stage a shot again.

either way, still feels like coming home. :)

bad news is, my voice is still shot from coughing and being congested, so i'm gonna go take some mucinex, gargle some honey, and do some vocal exercises to try and keep everything cleared up.

choral folks! any other suggestions? pleeeeeease?

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two tests last night and three this morning. thanks to my super speed when it comes to test and whatnot, was only in there for about three hours instead of the predicted five. :D

i've passed all my sections so far, even did better on my math than i was expecting, which makes me very happy. got a perfect score on the reading section. just waiting on the writing section, which has an essay. my essay was shit in my opinion so i'm hoping they disagree.

blahhhh....sicksicksicksick. head colds are no fun, especially when there's a cough involved. everything hurts. :(

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so i had an appointment with the admissions office at the school i applied to. instead of being a transfer, i'll be a freshman, which i'm perfectly ok with. it was kind of irritating though because they kept going over stuff i already knew. i had to keep myself from going, "Yes, I know I need to send those in. Yes I know I need to get those. I know I need to get my GED, I'm taking it tomorrow. YES I KNOW. THANK YOU." But I can't really get mad at them since they're just doing their job.

I love colleges.

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i'm being published in the local paper...again...for the third...


it's the education rant i posted earlier, sans the first paragraph because "it doesn't make sense..."

egh...screw editors.

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so i'm gonna have to come up with some ways to keep myself active/entertain myself during these hours where home alone, otherwise i'll turn into a conscious vegetable and get even more fat than i already am. and since i can't afford to go to a gym and running/biking gets kinda boring after a while, i've come up with some interesting alternatives.

-how many pushups/jumping jacks/various other calisthenics can you complete during the commercial break?

-how long would it take you to run (insert number here) laps around the house?

-how many times can you run up and down the stairs?

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there has to be some sort of irony in the fact that i'm listening to opera while browsing urbandictionary.com...

in other news...

1.) Applied to a local school here, private, good school. here's hoping i get in....

2.) Might be going to Lincoln, MA for a little while to help take care of my cousin while my aunt and uncle get settled in....Anyone in that area? hit me up, let's do something...

the end.

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Imagine this, if you will, for a moment: An average student, doesn't make any waves academically, but is exemplary when it comes to behavior. Quiet, well-spoken, hasn't caused any trouble. Until now. Penalized for a minor offense with a major punishment. For committing something that isn't even listed on the write-up sheet, this student will face discomfort and humiliation, while other students, who've learned to fly under the radar and cause as much havoc with little punishment, continue on their merry way.

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is it odd that i have no reservations over the idea of being some hot older woman's fuck toy?

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we want to fall asleep in a life that never existed in a world that only takes places in memories that never happened. the pages keep turning but the book stays blank because our lips stay sewn shut. so we fly fly fly into the empty space where the sky used to be, our wings sprouting feathers while the clouds spill tears like raindrops onto our thirsty faces. our smiles split the sadness into a million little pieces and the happiness flows into the cores of our spirits and our souls sing for a thousand years.

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public education sucks.

the end.

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you might wanna read this and this in conjunction to watching this.

A rather interesting combination, and pretty much the only way of explaining what's been going through my head...

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instead of a written journal, please refer to:


thank you and goodnight.

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people who create spyware and malware and use it for their own nefarious, lazy purposes can all die a slow, painful, horrific death. there is no justifiable explanation or excuse for implementing such heinous things.

GAH, i'm so pissed off. and what's even worse, it makes even more work for someone like my dad whose job it is to help get rid of that shit. and jeff, so help me god, if you say something along the lines of, "Well, wouldn't he rather have more work than none?" i will fly to SF and shoot you in the fact.

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