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phillip glass makes me high as fuck.

Listen to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDTVAPg0RY4 while you read it.

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i just realized that in essence i'm looking for a female Mr. Big mixed with a fuck buddy.

since when has Sex in the City been able to sum up my romantic inclinations?


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so my sister and i had a rather interesting discussion earlier tonight. i won't go into the full details because quite frankly, it's far too complicated and stressful, and i honestly would rather not go back down that road for a little while.

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i lied.

is it possible to be nostalgic for a non-existent era? a time or phase which doesn't actually exist, but you feel...no, wish it did? i've been mulling this feeling over in my mind and my heart, and the only way i can adequately describe how i feel is to say, i feel like an interloper within my own species. i know how ludicrous that might sound, and i'm not implying that i'm some sort of extraterrestrial creature or a being from another dimension, that sort of talk is best left to the astrophysicists, but more in the sense that there is a nagging feeling of being born in the wrong generation.

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have had a massive headache all day. can't concentrate very well.

gonna be off for the next few weeks, at least until my GED is out of the way. I need as little distraction as possible right now.

bye until sept 13th....

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Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?

Megan Fox can go fuck herself, Felicia Day's got more talent in one little finger.

And sexier by far.

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i keep opening these things, but i can't put down in words what i wanna say.

what do i wanna say?

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i need to get the fuck out of virginia. i need to get the fuck out of the south.

ugh, online sucks because you're never given the chance. then again, when are you given a fighting chance in real life? i mean, i admit to succumbing to shallow behavior, but i try to give people i meet the benefit of the doubt. everyone has a mask, everyone.

but online, all you depend on is a couple pictures and some carefully worded sections of text.

i'm ranting and rambling in circles again.

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can't get that damn song outta my head.

great song though. i love ze jewish girls ;)

aaahhhhh.....i have the house to myself and it's amazing. i need to start getting up earlier just so i can enjoy the solitude more.

so, i made a profile on okcupid, that online fun test site? anyway, i messaged this girl 'cause she loves wes anderson as much as i do. and she messaged me back! i happy. :)

in other news, i should probably be a.) studying for the math section of my GED and b.) making up a business plan for my tutoring service, just in case it does get off the ground.

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just downloaded it and i'm bored...

anyone wanna chill?

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and by sushi, i mean raw fish and vegetables wrapped in seaweed and sticky rice sometimes covered in sauce, JEFF.

aaaahhhhhhh.....tempura shrimp roll = my new best friend.

read in the paper today that the father of one my childhood friends has been jailed for cocaine use and sale. he's been a drug user for five years. talk about surreal....although i imagine it's even harder for the family.


sleep dep still wreaking havoc.

off to make a flier for my tutoring service!

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i created a profile on a lesbian dating site.

i feel pathetic now...

i'm also craving sushi. lots and lots and lots of sushi.

does anyone get super hungry a week/week and a half before aunt flo comes to visit?

it's weeeeeeird.

i'm out of my mind with sleep dep if you couldn't already tell...

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math can die in a fire. seriously. i don't care how useful it is, it can die in a fucking crotch fire for all i care.

stupid GED. stupid math. stupid everything.

fuck math.

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Things that make me happy...

since I've been so pessimistic lately, I decided to list all the things that make me happy. which is longer than you might think...

Things that make me happy:

-Cool, rainy, foggy early fall mornings.
-Anthony Bourdain
-Afternoon naps.
-Sleeping in.
-Felicia Day.
-Spending time with good friends.
-Making videos.
-Seeing people I love.
-Talking to smart people.
-Driving through my hometown and seeing the beautiful Virginia countryside.
-Knowing that one day I'll retire to that VA countryside.
-Spring afternoons.
-Good music.

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despite all the hullabaloo and whatnot, i still feel like a kid skipping school. i feel like i should be waking up early, pulling on my bookbag and heading to class.

it's weird.

still need to study for my GED. Blahhhhh.....only worried about the math part. but jeez, four hours one night, then 5 1/2 the next day. talk about a loooooong test. Then again, it is all four subjects. uggghhhhh.....

extra letters are mah freends.

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