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Alrighty, who's going to welcome me? I finally got up the bravery to write in a jurnal. Might help, might not. We'll see. First to get off my chest.. I'm one of those lesbians who figured what their sexuality was at an early age, and at an even earlier age found out that it "wasn't right" I dunno 'bout me... I guess I'm just easy to talk to or to like 'er.. something. I've constantly been told that these bi girls have huge crushes on me. And they do, it shows. But my problem is, they either have a boyfriend/girlfriend, or they give my the cold shoulder, or turn around and give tell the next person they see they love them too. It's kinda confusing on my part.. Ah well I just but it behind me. Or ignore it.. or.. something... ... ... Any way.. out for now I guess. Thanks for listening who ever you are!

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