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Update... been a while

So... I haven't posted since... March...ish... yea.
I've been slacking. lol

Quick Update:

- B & I never went out

- I went to prom with a guy in April and we dated for a month

- It didn't feel right so I broke it off

- We're friends now

- I started dating this amazing girl

- I was grounded all summer for it

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I did not have sexual relations with that woman. (I wanted to, but i didn't) - William Jeffeson Clinton

So that girl from my chem class is no longer in my chem class. She dropped. She did say she misses talking to me all the time. (me too) She just broke up with her boyfriend. I still don't have a chance. She said I couldn't even be her rebound. Oh well, I'll settle for friend.

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I got a date... Kinda

So... you know that girl in my chem class that I was totally hitting on and almost got filed for sexual harassment. that was a fragment wasn't it... well anyway... I'm going to dinner with her tonight. And a few other people... but still... she invited me to dinner with her.

I'm so happy.

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Yeah... I can't think of anything else that makes straight people uncomfortable although...

I did almost get charged with sexual harassment. Yeah. In the words of our former president, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

Lets start from the beginning, why don't we. Friday there was a fight at school. One guy had knocked another to the floor, pinned him against the wall, and started kicking his head. The attacker is/was my crushes boyfriend.

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I cant think of anything that can make straight people more uncomfortable than sleeping with them.

ok... so...
In chemistry we were doing something with the metric system so I said "King Henry Drives Backwards Down Curvy Mountains" (Kilo, Hecta, Deka, base, Deci, Centi, Milli). My crush said not down my mountains. I replied no, but I do. It took her a second to get it. Then she laughed. Then she realized that I said that to her. Yeah.

So I said, "You know what would make my holidays happy? Spending them with you." Her reply was "Well if my boyfriend is still grounded, then maybe you will." *Jumped with joy*

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Goat Milk?!

So, since California is taking over the role of the dairy state...(happy cows come from california)... Wisconsin is now ... are you ready?... THE GOAT MILK STATE!!!!


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Sleeping with straight people makes them the most uncomfortable

I didn't really do that either. So this probably wont be as funny as the others but I'll try. The others were completely true and I was not trying to be funny but am glad they came out that way. (no pun intended)

I asked my crush if she was taking me to the movies. (I needed a confirmation). She said it depends. I replied " on what... my motives?" She anwered yes. Ok. so... knowing that my motives are no good, (although I'm not sure that she's sure what my motives are) she's taking me to the movies. (Poor crush, she thinks I've just been messing around and joking with her this whole time).

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Groping straight people in crowded areas makes them most uncomfortable

I actually didn't do that today.

I told my crush that she should break up with her boyfriend and hook up with me. She said no. I told her that she can stay with her boyfriend and she should hook up with me (I wouldn't tell). She said no. I said she and her boyfriend should have an open relationship. She laughed.

I told her that she should take me out to the movies. She didn't reply. I said, "so you're not going to take me to the movies?!" (in a pathetic voice). She said, "no, I will."

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Asking someone of the same sex to marry you makes them the most uncomfortable.

If you've been following my escapades, here's the next installment. I couldn't resist today.

Last night I texted my crush asking her if her not being able to show up for a study group meant we weren't going to sleep together that night. Her reply was "sorry, you're going to have to sleep alone tonight"

Today in Chem, I can't remember what we said exactly but I do remember it ending in me asking her to marry me. She said, "awkward". Yeah, that's her reply to almost everything I say.

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Apparently telling someone you've thought about sleeping with them 120 times makes them even more uncomfortable.

So, in my previous journal entry, I talked about how I told my crush I'd sleep with her...
Here's what happened today...

In calculus, we were talking about this again and one guy told me he's eighteen. I said I wouldn't sleep with him. This other guy said he's still not eighteen. I said I wouldn't sleep with him either. He said I didn't expect you to sleep with that many people without getting to know them. I started counting off silently on my fingers how many people I would sleep with "just like that" (think actors, Rockstars, my crush, etc.) The guy says all at once?! I say, " yeah, in that little room next to my attic with all the whips" - I don't really have this room.......waiting till I move out.

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Telling a classmate of the same sex you'd sleep with them apparently makes them very uncomfortable... Who knew.

Ok, so here's the whole story. One of my friends, lets call him K, was complaining a few weeks ago about his B in Spanish. I know, it's horrible. So he said something about his "stupid Spanish teacher being a lesbian." I replied, "Why's that bad, were you planning on sleeping with her to raise you're grade?" He jokingly replied "yes."

Today at lunch I was talking to another one of my friends, lets call her S, whom is in the same Spanish class. She was complaining about a test she took and didn't do so well in. Me, remembering the conversation with K, which S was a part of, told S to go sleep with the teacher to raise her grade. S kept saying no and got a little uncomfortable. I said, "what, do you want me to sleep with her to raise you're grade?" Lunch became very awkward at this point seeing as no one had any way to reply to that.

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Woohoo!!! Blizzard!!! I love snow... when it means there's a snow day. (there's a 1% chance of this happening in the city that I live in. We usually have to go to school no matter how much it snows. But if the news says Blizzard, that's an automatic snow day.) I haven't had a snow day since second grade. I'm so excited!!! We've had cold days, though. Yeah, when it's 20 some odd degrees below zero the school doesn't feel it's safe for us to leave the house, i guess.

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Hey You, out there all alone, always doing what you're told, can you help me

So I was talking to two of my friends yesterday (I know, shocker, right?) and, well here's the conversation. It made me a little uncomfortable.

Friend 1: I'm so hungry
Friend 2: That sucks, I actually ate breakfast. Life cereal. I know, awesome right?
Friend 1: (to friend 2) you're gay!
Me: Yeah I actually had a good breakfast this morning. I got up early enough to make myself an omlet.

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Woo hoo!!!

I just got promoted!!!! I'm so happy. So I work dairy/frozen at a Pick 'n Save and my manager was talking to me today and she was like, yeah, so I volunteered you to get trained to check. So, now I'm going to work dairy, frozen, and be a cashier. I hope this means a raise too. I can just see the money flowing in. lol.

In other news, my grandfather(or something of the like, I'm not sure exactly what he was to me) died a few days ago. My parents went to the funeral this morning. I don't remember the guy. I think I've only seen him once or twice and I haven't hear one good thing about him ever. I'm not celebrating that he's dead. It really makes no impact on my life. The title was just for the first paragraph.

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All in all, you're just another brick in the wall

Yeah, so we didn't have a study group because everyone had to work at that time. Yeah, that sucks. So we are going to have study group Saturday.

There's something I'm not understanding here. This girl that I'm crushing on, I asked her to call the guy that is in our study group because I couldn't find his number. So I text her asking if she called and she said she did and that it was the wrong number. What I'm not understanding: 1.)There were two numbers and she only calls one, 2.) She only calls one time - what if she hit the wrong key when dialing?!? 3.)I called the guy when I finally found his number and it wasn't the wrong number, 4.)If the guy couldn't come that wound mean it would have just been me and her, 5.)Was she hitting on me even though she has a boyfriend?

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