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Case of the Ex

Exes suck
Especially the ones that want to be friends after not chatting with you for a long period of time

How's everyone doing?
(That's a serious question too)

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An Ode To President Bush

My Fella Americans,

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Oh Captain, My Captain

I am beyond ecstatic right now! Finally after years of hard work and dedication to music it's all starting to pay off. Today in Pit rehearsal my instructor asked me to be captain for next year's field show. I've been happy dancing all day. Finally being responsible and dedicated gives me an advantage over everyone else. I did right! AH!

Life is so close to perfect

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Why wont you just go the fuck away and let me live?

She's back, that indecent, shallow, cunt of an ex girlfriend, she's back.
FRIENDS! She wants to be my friend!
I went through too much shit with her to ever want her to come back into my life.
I said I wouldn't wait and yet her she is expecting the same old me.
I grew up
I moved on

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Death Before Love

And if I die before I wake
I'm sorry for all the pain I made
I lied to you
just wasted your time
I caused too much pain
So much trouble I did bring
Death for me is best you see
So much hurt is all I leave
This is just the chance
that you need
Maybe now you'll say you're free
Promise on that day I go
Not a single tear shall ever flow
You're strong than me
As if you don't know

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Just a one line question

Where do you go when you can't feel anymore?

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Homophobic Teachers

My first year at my new high school is about to come to a close at the beginning of June. I've been faced with many new experiences and never in my life did I think I would have to change schools because of one person. Never in my life did I think I would have my school administration tell me to drop the class instead of dealing with the problem.

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I've come to realize the trials and tribulations that come with love. Yes, their are many and you are indeed a fool if you do not believe me. For nearly three years I lied to myself about who I was because of one girl. I lied because she told me who I was and forced me to recite her words daily. She loved me after all, how could I not believe the words she was having me say.

Has your significant other's parents ever gotten a restraining order against you?

92% (12 votes)
No, but they sure did try
8% (1 vote)
Yeah, they won
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 13
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Two years and counting... seems like only yesterday

Okay, maybe it doesn't seem like yesterday, but it doesn't seem like two years. I can't seem to believe that we were so awkward with each other in Disneyland trying to figure out if this was allowed and now we are basically fucking each other in plain sight of people in her band. I am just in awe right now, I have no words to describe this.... Here is to two years and more to come!

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Realizations of a Broken Heart

I told CC I wouldn't be calling her until she started asking to call me, that was near a week ago and still she hasn't called. It makes me truly wonder sometimes how much she cares or if everything is a joke to her. She wrote a letter to Allen about how he treated Katie when they were together and I just wanted to ask her to reread it and pretend it was from him to her about how she treats me.

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Finally something good!

I'm wiped from all this testing. CAHSEE has insulted my intelligence in a way I thought only my parents could. Honestly, I thought this was supposed to be an Exit Exam meant to challenge your mind, not 10n+3=23, find n.

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Damn these feelings

So I'm not one to dance, that was taken away from me and I know a guest pass requires a signature from both sets of parents, yet I could not help but feel a ever so small, yes it is small, pain in my chest when Allen brought up Junior Prom for his and CC's school.

How many came out as bisexual before admitting to being gay/lesbian?

I did
59% (13 votes)
Nope, I came out as gay
36% (8 votes)
What are you talking about I'm bisexual
5% (1 vote)
Total votes: 22
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Why bother anymore?

I find that life is made up of nothing but disappointments that no matter how you try to avoid them, they will find you and they will make sure to hurt you as much as possible. Poetry says it better than a paragraph

I'm a closed
darkened black soul
I hide in a corner
My back turned away
Don't look at my
tears running down
my face
Emotastic a stupid word
faggot homo and other

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