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to them

i'm a lesbian, ok? deal with it. it has nothiong to do with you, this fact will not harm you hurt you touch you change you in any way other than giving you another bit of knowledge to stick away in your brain: I AM A LESBIAN. I AM GAY. ok?!?

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Amerika ist nicht wunderbar

i'm gonna paint the white house rainbow.

...i wish. : (

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a title?

i can't write thos down' htis belongs in my head shunted awat for aj to rejoice over, more memories ideas complaints wirds to be packed away

aj can you soet this one way at the back?



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i doubt you'll see this, wednesday, but

I love you. Without you everything would just....be worse and worse.

get some sleep, dj l-d.

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come out, but my dooor's locked

sometimes i wish i was brave enough to come out.

other times i hate the fact that i'm too scared to tell my family something about myself that is as natural as someone preferring watermelon to cheese.

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the two boys who were hanged in iran...i wish i could have taken their place. i wish i wish i wish. i've tried myself and it has not worked and...why am i here, me, who doesn't want to live--and they aren't. they're gone cos of some stupid homophobic assholes. i wish i could have taken their place. they could take mine.

my girlfriend couldn't stop crying when we saw that. nor could i

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