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Back and Ready and Raring to go!!!

Hello all... i started being on this site it seems like years ago but from what I put in my info it seems that it was only last year that I started being on here... Then suddenly I forgot all about this site and i dunno what brought me back...

But then again i do know... I was brought back to this site because I am looking for someone... Not like in that special someone type of way but looking for someone to keep my spirits up and to make me realize who I truly am on a regular basis...

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My Space O7.29.O3

If I crawl into my little space
Where prejudice has no trace
I can show my true face
And not be afraid of what might take place

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Boredom...Bi??... Easy to be straight

I found myself being pretty darn bored today. So i finally started layin out some web pages i needed to edit. Its funny cause none of them make any indication as to what my sexual preference is. But i guess thats accurate. Its an unknown. My friend from middle school keeps telling me to call an old friend. I realize why i'm hesistant to do so. She's the only girl i have let know that i found her attractive. I don't really know what to expect when i call her but i don't want to be disappointed. I love her to daeth but it seems like i have a better grasp of what i want when she is not influencing me. I guess i just don't want to lose what little progress I think i have made.

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People will support me but...

For some reason I have the biggest problem talkin to the people i care about how confused i really am. But i realized that it is so much easier for me to talk to people that i really don't care what they think. And i guess i know why but then again you'd think that it would be easier to talk to people who i know support gays like all they gay people i know or maybe my best friends who i know are going to love me either way.

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Society O7.29.O3

Proud of my sexuality
I wear it on my sleeve
Approach the person of my choice
At any time I please
I don't look down on you
Cause your orientations not the same
Even though society does it to me
It seems without any shame
One day this'll all be different
No discrimination there'll be
But I'm sure its not something
That I will live to see

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My homosexuality O7.29.O3

My homosexuality
Is not my personality
Its just a way of life for me
But that of course you cannot see

That I am who I want to be
Harsh words don't take the life from me
So please don't show stupidity
About my sexuality

Short poem to people who are homophobes or those who claim they arent but still look down on us...

Have you ever settled for someone

60% (3 votes)
20% (1 vote)
I don't know
20% (1 vote)
Total votes: 5
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Why am i here

Just thought i'd let whoever cares know why i am here. i was a very confused person in middle school. Inside and out. I wasn't really comfortable with the fact that i found girls attractive like i might find myself staring at their ass or legs or breasts. Women are very beautiful creatures to say the least. So in 7th grade i declared myself to my closest friends that i was bi. I soon got fed up with guys and decided i was going to be a chosen lesbian cause i thought that would be so much easier needless to say it wasn't and i still really didn't know what i wanted.

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