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5 more days!

5 more days until our first gsa meeting woo hoo! and i'm leading it (well, co leading it) too woo hoo!

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she it's time for phase two.

so i told my crush that i'm gay, and she's totally cool with it (in her words, "i sort of knew, and i don't care if you like guys, girls, or elephants, i support you") and now i'd like to ask her out, that being phase two, but i don't know if i can. a, i'm scared of getting rejected, b, i don't know if she likes guys, girls, or elephants, and c, i feel a little like i'm using her to get over my old crush.

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the "i don't like you" vibe

the vibe which is coming on very strong right now. i just get the sense that most of the girls that are in colorguard really don't like me. and why would they? i'm gay hippie sophomore scum. i'm not preppy, i'm not pretty. i can just picture all of them talking shit about me behind my back. and i wouldn't be surprised if they are. i just want to be liked. i just want to fit in, for once in my life. that's all i've wanted since i was seven. is that too much to ask for?

i love kim stolz!

hell yeah!
17% (7 votes)
hell no!
0% (0 votes)
who the hell is kim stolz?
83% (35 votes)
Total votes: 42
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do i dare...

do i dare admit this? the growling in my insides is driving me crazy and if i don't do something about it i'm
going to wind up like three of my close friends. is 120 lbs too low for someone who is 5' 8"? oh i'm hungry but
i can't, i won't eat. not unless i have to at meal time.

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modern dance vocabulary... very frustrated

okay i don't know anything about modern dance but if i want to get into this one thing
i need to so does anyone know modern dance basic vocabulary? i'm supposed to prepare a three minute warm up with the basic vocabulary, demonstrating line and movement and flexibility. or maybe that's all it is. could i just do a jazz warm up? google isn't helpful right now. thanks!

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i want to but...

so there's this girl. a different one, not the one i've been rambling about since october. i'm
over her. sort of. but anyway, this girl, i really want to ask her out but i don't know if
she's gay and i don't want to freak her out and i don't even know if she knows about my being gay. is there any good way to go about this? or should i just take the bull by the horns and ask her?

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girlfriend.... but not mine

the one i am madly in love with has been going out with this girl for two months, i found out today.
can you say upset? just a little?
i just wish she had told me. or mentioned it at some point. i found out because one of her friends asked her
about it and i happened to be sitting right there.
i guess there's not much point because she leaves for college in a month.
i'm still pissed though. and i said i wasn't going to cry but i did. i'm pissed about that too.

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gsa pres

well we voted (all 7 of us) on who will be the new presidents of the gsa next year and i got one of the spots
so i'm pumped about that.
does anyone have any discussion ideas?

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wanna talk to a girl

you know that avril lavigne song, "i'm with you"? that's kind of how i feel right now. except i just want to
have a conversation with someone who's a female. my best friend's a guy and i don't want to talk to him. i'm
kind of mad at him because he said he'd give me a ride home from my friend's party and he didn't but that's
not the point. so if anyone else wants to talk i'm here.

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the lovesick one returns

hey peeps.
i'm back. what's been going on? i guess i could see that for myself, huh, if i just looked at past forums and stuff.
wow i'm quick.
i'm totally sick of liking my crush too.

who should host the 2007 Oscars? (sorry the last few aren't very good choices!)

Ellen Degeneres
48% (16 votes)
Will Ferrell
3% (1 vote)
I hate Will Ferrell What are you thinking?
9% (3 votes)
Robin Williams
24% (8 votes)
15% (5 votes)
Total votes: 33
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