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I've been kind of kooky recently. I dunno.

Like, usually I don't take well to being touched, like you know how some things automatically set off red flags? Like being touched in the wrong place or when someone says something that you're not comfortable with, well being touched at all sets of red flags with me, it makes me anxious and I can't help it, usually it's not so bad but recently I've nearly snapped at people for patting me on the back or poking me or otherwise being friendly.

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Chilly window

So apparently when your sinuses are devising a slow plan to kill you in your sleep (or rather, when you have a head cold) it's relieving to put your forehead against something cold, such as, a window. Oho I'm so smart.

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Who is excited for this? I totally am! Ahaha. I'm normally not excited for new years but tonight also features a BLUE FREAKING MOON. ON NEW YEARS. That's so cool.

Oh also, people in NH can get gay married starting tomorrow. =)

Sooo. Resolutions.

- Stop wanting a boyfriend.

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So whenever I read a book where I like the writing style it very quickly starts to find it's way into my speaking style, and writing style too, I suppose.

Today nothing really interesting happened. I don't know why I'm writing really, just felt like it I guess.

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Okay, so I've decided that whatever flirting is, I'm insanely good at doing the exact opposite of that.

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Today is suddenly awesome

Guess who is going to see his sister for the Holidays? That's right! ME.

No, my mom didn't stop being a jerk, but her lawyer talked to her... Ahaha... Actually, she called me this morning before her lawyer called her; left a message, lying through her teeth, and making up some lame excuses... But whatever. I get to see my sister, right now that's all I care about. :)

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Only read this if you think me ranting about my family is somehow interesting.

My mom must think I'm bi-polar or something. I left her two less-than-happy messages and then I sent her an e-mail apologizing and begging her to put my sister on the plane. And explaining why I'd be miserable if I moved to Florida. (Because she always says "If you want to be with your sister why don't you move down here?" And I always tell her, that I'd be miserable down there. My friends, whom I owe my life to, live up here. I hate the weather in Florida (I like rain- COLD rain.

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So I've all but destroyed my circadian rhythm. Haha, now I usually get tired around three, sleep from three to about nine... And then stay up for about fourish hours, and go back to sleep again until I have to get up for school...


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Aw crud.

I really suck at this.

So you know Mr.Blackbelt that I've been blathering on about for just under a year? Yeah him. I feel sort of like I'm over him and I sort of am and as far as he knows, I am. But...

Ugh I hate this part.

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I totally just guh. There's no way I'm gonna get this stupid rough draft done. Ahahaha. My own fault.

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HOMG TODAY WAS AWESOME. You can tell because I'm hyper and SOMETIMES TYPING IN ALL CAPS. It's annoying right?

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I feel like I'm going to get very ill/ pass out/ want to kill myself if I put binding on (this revulsion might be the beginnings of me getting sick. I just feel off and I think part of me knows that I need this break, physically. ) so I'm not going to school today. Maybe that's a pathetic reason to not to go to school. But eh, I'm ahead in all of my classes (except English. But I'm better off working on that from home anyway) and I get the feeling that if I'm dizzy/ill/depressed at school all day I'm not going to get much done -anyway-. I can get more done here.

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Awards ceremonies?

I suck at finding people. SO MUCH. Twice in two days did I fail to meet people that not only was I supposed to meet up with, but I managed to miss them despite being in the same room. I'm pretty sure that deserves a medal of some sort.

Also. I hate English homework. UGHHH.

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Journal spamming.

YOU KNOW WHAT? I'm sick of feeling dumpy dammit! (I really am. I deal with bad moods much the same way that a kid deals with a video game. Sometimes I shout and throw the controller at the screen, and sometimes I feel like giving up and turn the console off. But I am determined to beat it sooner or later. :P )

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goddamn it

I was -finally- in a good mood today. I had been down since like, the beginning of the month you know? And I was feeling good today.

So today we went a little ways because I needed some refference books my library didn't have. No big deal, I make some copies, highlight some things, and chat with my dad.

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