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Listening to Bjork while reading in the living room. Me with a Harry Potter book 7, and her with Empress of the World. (There's no way I'd let her read Harry Potter first. She'd spoil it for me. lol.)

Despite the way it sounds recently, life has been treating me kind of good.

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And so...

I don't think Sora could come on any stronger... It's just not possible...

I'm starting to think this whole thing is a way of her trying to get me to be brave enough to actually make a move for once or something.

And I probably would except I still haven't been able to get her alone.

... It's weird...

Life is weird...

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Lesbian Barbies?

So Sora has just been flirting with me like no tomorrow.

And that guy she was talking to on the internet, that she's known for like, 4 days. Just said "I love you" to her apparently.

It's all very confusing.

And on another note, my 9 year old sister was playing lesbian Barbies the other day. It was hilarious to watch, because she's so crazy.

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Wow... Just wow...

Yeah, if you haven't heard, Sora said to me that she wanted to "take a break" from "going out" whatever that means..

And yet she's more flirty than ever. I mean really. Am I the only one not getting this at all?

The other day when we went roller blading we went outside for a little while, just us. We sat behind some trees and just acted silly. And she was really close and all.

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A break...

Well, I spoke with Sora this morning... Over the IM... From across the hallway...

Basically she dosen't know how she feels and she wants to take a break until she does.

I'm kind of sad. But I'm more relived.

Because I acutally know what's going on with her now.

And we promised to be best friends forever. She's not getting out of that one.

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Sora and Kairi slept over last night. We were chatting over IM for no real reason. We tend to act much crazier over IM than in real life. Not sure why.

But we were flirting back and fourth like, super-big-time. XD It's funny. I'm not sure what changed but... It's fun.

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So, Sora didn't sleep over the night I said she would but the night after. She went to some party with her family.

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My life = Merry-go-round.

Moving. But not getting anywhere.

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An easy way to grab attention is to mention food. Especially dessert.

No! Don't leave! I actually have an entry for you guys to read.

Okay. So Sora is back from NY! She got me one of those things that dangle from your phone. It's really pretty.

And she has a ring that's apparently made from copper... Because it turned her finger green. XD

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Woo! Cosplay and Harry Potter

We're going to start working on KH cosplays in 2 weeks. Because my dad promised to buy us fabric in 2 weeks. XD

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Vegan cupcakes

OMG GENIUS! Namine isn't in NY so she's spending time at my place because she wants to get out of her house and stuff. So the other day while I was at the bookstore I picked up a book with recipes for vegan cupcakes on the way out. I just passed it and was like "OMG I NEED THAT!" And my dad said he'd buy it as long as I made some cupcakes. :3

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Sora has been acting different lately.

She's been more.. hostile... Or something.

Yet again, something is up and I'm clueless as to what.

She's leaving to go to NY for about a week tomorrow morning.

I want to sort things out between us by the end of July. Everything. All this confusing relationship stuff. All of those fears, and all of that other weird stuff..

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Rainbow pride wear!

I got my first rainbow pride wear stuff today! It's just a rainbow colored wrist warmer thing. But it's cute. :3

Okay, so Florida was full of Dumb. Well, not entirely.. The Japanese Museum was kind of cool. I liked taking pictures of flowers. But my grandparents were total jerks.

I called Sora a lot while I was down there. It was nice to talk to her. :3

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I Missed you guys!

I got back from Florida. a few days ago but my friends have been here since the moment I got off of the plane. So I haven't had a chance to write... Actually, Namine is in the other room watching stuff on Youtube right now so... I'm going to make this quick... Longer entry later. Kay?

Florida was super-ucky. My grandparents are jerks. And it just wasn't any fun there.

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Purple hair dye, roses, and PICTURES! =D

So. I'm going to write one huge journal entry... WITH PICTURES! =D Now you people can stop imagining us as video game characters and see what we actually look like. XD

So Sora got out of school on the 9th. But that weekend she slept over at her brothers place. So that Monday she surprised me and came over while I was in the shower..

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