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You'll never belive what happened.

No really... You wont.

So I got into the shower a little late today. I kept getting distracted with things like drawing and.. Drawing.

So, I'm in the shower, and I hear my aunt call me, and I heard gigling. So I finished up with my shower, and went to the door and asked what's going on.

Sora's voice.

It was like "Ahh! What are you doing here?"

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Okay, so this morning, I was walking outside, and I was at my door, a couple of dudes walk by and one of them shouts "I'm gay!". I have no idea why. But it was random and thus, amusing.

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Drunken Lampshade Pokemon!?

Since I don't like posting two journal entries in a day like this, I'll be deleting the old one from earlier. So If you want to read it, scroll down. (Page break dosen't work. D:)

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And then... She licked it.

Okay, so it stopped raining like, Half an hour after I posted yesterday. So I went to the anime club, We played games, and there was this anime playing, and I have no idea what happened except all of the guys in it were extremely feminine. And then one of them is fighting a zombie, and he gets hurt, and his sword has this red writing appear, and then he's a woman. And she kills the zombie.

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In the midst of a thunder storm

It's REALLY storming outside. As in, raining oceans and lots of lightning and thunder.

I mean, it was calm, and then as soon as I came out of the shower I hear this huge crack of thunder. o_o

It has me jumpy. And it takes a lot for a thunder storm to make me jumpy. And there is almost no delay between the lightning and the thunder. So it's really close, and REALLY loud.

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Weekend away

I went to visit family for the weekend. A lot of the time I'd be coming up with situations in my head where I came out and how people would react to it. But I didn't, just because it never came up and I didn't see any point otherwise.

I cheated yesterday and ate Indian food. Which has butter in it. (No duh) but it was either that or starve. And you know, I don't like starving.

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E-mails, arts, and video games. =D

Okay so, today I saw Sora. Apparently since she didn't call and ask if she could come with us, (out to eat and stuffs.) she and her sisters who came aren't allowed to sleep over at my house for a month. D: So I'm going to be seeing a lot of the remaining sisters probably. XD

Or I'll end up going over there.

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I don't know anymore.

I dunno.. It's crazy. I think back to my childhood and wonder if she ever loved me at all..

And I honestly don't know.

And it scares me.

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My weekend of awesome. :D

Okay, so Sora's sisters 16th birthday was yesterday, the party was super awesome. Her friend with purple hair was there, and she was awesome.

And for some reason all of my straight friends (female) love to flirt with me. XD It's been like that since I came out actually, but I still find it amusing.

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Onna no ko tachi wa koi wo suru

The title says "girls fell in love" :)

So Sora slept over last night. And my cousins are here. But we didn't really sleep much. XD

It was fun, we watched movies and stuff. But Sora kept going on the computer and things which tends to annoy me. But she normally got of if I asked her too, which was nice.

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Sunny Days = <3

Today so far has been awesome. My cousins are here for the weekend. I was about to call Sora and ask her to come over but when I did they were already on their way over. XD

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Riku the idiot.

Okay, so last night, I went and held her hand for a little while.. It made me feel better.

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Shhhhh... Be quiet.

Sora is sleeping downstairs right now... On the couch... Alone... It feels so cold with her all the way over there... I told her that I need to talk to her the other day but it hasn't happened yet. I left a note by her saying that I still need to talk to her and that I love her.

I'm somewhere between waking her up and trying to talk to her and tearing the note up right now.

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Fear.... Ick.

Guess what?

I'm scared to see Sora. I'm scared to call her. I'm scared to give her the letter I wrote.

I have no idea why... I love her. And I want to see her. I REALLY want to see her. But I've been afraid recently. So I haven't been able to say the things I REALLY need to say.

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Mothers Day...

Yesterday was interesting..

Okay, I went to Sora's house dead set on talking to her, I go to the door, and her sister Namine comes to talk to me, so I stayed outside with her sisters Namine and Kairi, and then Sora came outside but I was kind of ehhh... About getting her to talk to me at that point... I dunno.

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