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Riku has fangirls...

Every time Sora and her sisters drive by (They live just down the street) they shout out the window at my house. It's really silly.

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Oh God...

My mom in Florida is sending my sister to my ex-uncle (In Connecticut, who I hate.) for "Discipline."

He's going to ruin my sister.

My dad is furious, so am I.

My dad is going to drive down there and get my sister if she goes there.

My ex-uncle beats people up. Which is why my aunt divorced him.

I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack.

And my mom won't talk to me.

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Wacky Weekend.

Insane weekend.

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I wasn't able to see Sora yesterday..

If I can't see her today too I'll probably implode...

It wouldn't be bothering me so much if I didn't need to talk to her so bad.

I think it's like, Murphys law. I finally get around to announcing that I have to talk to her, and I'm all ready..

And now everything else gets in the way.


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Wednesday I sent an e-mail to Sora saying that we need to talk, like... A lot. Because it keeps getting put off, due to cousins, conventions, that sort of thing... And the more it gets put off, the more we need it.

I saw her for like, a few seconds yesterday, because I was returning the dress I borrowed from her sister, she gave me my CDs that I left there, and the book I let her borrow.

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Shopping and ramen

For flat-chested people who love baggy clothes... Like me, bras are like, the center of evil.

I was measured today, lady told me I'm a 34. I don't believe that, I have some 36's and they're very uncomfortable, I feel like I can't breathe in them...

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Things on my mind.

I'm still tired from the convention. But, the weather has been really awesome lately! All sunny and nice. :) (It's like we skipped spring. Spring lasted a week, and now it's summer.)

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Anime Boston part 2

Okay, I'm not going today because I'm way too tired. :O But I went yesterday and it was fun, the masquerade was awesome! And it was fun but I'm WAAAY too tired to go today. *nod*

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Anime Boston part 1

Okay, so it's only Friday, but it's awesome.

So, I went with my friends, and after spending like, two hours in line, the fun began! We sang, and walked around in the dealers room, and bought Manga, and read manga, and I bought "The Adolcence of Utena" for $10! It's amazing. :)

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This is a title

I didn't get to see Sora today, she got grounded. (A crappy time to get oneself grounded yes?) But her sister came over and we talked for a while. It was fun. She has a boyfriend now apparently, so I'm all happy for her and stuffs.

I had to prove to my cousin that "gay" doesn't only mean a guy who likes a guy. (I don't like the word lesbian.) Randomness..

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Wooo! Go spring vacation! Even though it was warm yesterday and now it's snowing, this is still the best spring vacation ever... You wanna know why? Huh? Huh?

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Thank you to everyone who commented on my last journal! ^-^

Sora came over today briefly. She gave me a response to the note I gave to her. It's so cute, just like her. :) (I can't tell you what it says, it's a secret. :P)

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Wings to fly

I wrote this earlier, but accidentally deleted it. XD Oops, So I'm gonna have a go at writing this again..

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My life is like a revolving door.

... At least that's what it feels like right now..

Guess what? My cousins are coming up for spring break. Guess what? Their spring break is the same as Sora's. And guess what? I'm going to have to be sneaky to get enough time to actually talk to Sora, alone.

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Riku has a real problem...

How to break it to my mom that I don't want to go to Florida for two months...?

It'll devastate her. And I don't want to do that. But it'd be worse to lie and be stuck somewhere I don't want to be for 2 months.

It's my life, I have my needs... And I just can't leave for that long... Especially not to some place where I feel so out-of-place.

2 months is way too long.

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