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5 months and weird things that happened. =D

So boreedddd.. I need to talk to someoneeee. D: (but I hate IM/ chat rooms. Not sure why, I just do. :O)

I'm sad because I didn't get to wish anyone "Happy Halloween" today. (If I wrote it down, or if anyone here remembers, back on Halloween I made a point about wishing people a "Merry Easter" So.... XD)

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Random randomness. :D

I feel the need to blab about random stuff. =D (Warning: minor KH Spoilers afoot!!!)

In the new KH2 secret movie, there's this blue haired person, who LOOKS female from her face but it's impossible to tell with Squeenix. XD *cough*Marluxia*cough*

I hope it's a girl though because KH needs more female characters (Desperately! :O)

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Quick entry.

Okay, Sora slept over last night. (No school today.) And her step mom just called me up to say she has stuff to do, so she's not here right now but she left all of her stuff here so I think she means to come back and get it sometime today. X3 So I'll try to make this quick.

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Music, snow, my sister, and dancing.

Music is my drug. (as opposed to anti-drug.) Listening to good music, I can just zone out and let my mind wander, as if it were a dream. Where things just flow into each other.

It snowed today, and then it became rain because it got warmer. So now the roads are covered in slush. D:

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A week in Florida.

So... I've calmed down some after the airport incident. (See previous entry.)

Here's some of my thoughts over the last week:

I was homesick since the moment I first reached the airport. Fun.

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Oh. My. God...

Okay, so this morning we (My 9 year old lil sis and I) were getting on the plane to come home. We had gotten to the airport a little late and we were hungry but it was alright. The flight attendants were really nice and helped my sister a lot.

So, the flight was fun, boring, but fun. (Landing and taking off are fun, looking out the window is fun sometimes. But yeah..)

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Crazy Grandparents, my sister, and Sora

Apparently, every time I dissagre about something, I'm automatically starting an argument. At least my Grandma thinks so.

My sister decided that she wants to be vegitarian, my grandparents keep saying that she'lll eat fish again in two weeks. I told them they should stop saying that.

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I. Am. Furios. at my grandpa right now. He seems to be convinced that my lil sis has some sort of mental problems, and him and my mom are going to bring her to see a nerougogist, that's not what bugs me, what bugs me is that they seem to think that medicne is the solution for everything. And guess what? It's not.

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Greetings from Florida!

My sister is in school and my mom is napping right now so I can do whatever for a few hours. :)

The plane ride was fun, even though the part of the airport we were in had like, no food. But I got to eat when I got here. It was so weird. Because when I left from Boston it was cold, and when I got off of the plane it was really hot. But the clouds and water were fun to watch from the plane. :)

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Bye bye for now. :o

I'm leaving for about a week, I might be able to check up on you guys a few times but probably not. (My mom and sister are going to be wanting 110% of my attention.)

So anyways, here's just some things I wanted to say about, everything before I left...

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So confusing

Sora was weird today, first I talk to her on the phone, and she's upset that I'm going to Florida, (especially since some time this year I'm going for two months... Not yet, but sometime before or after the Summer.) and she tells me to write her letters and stuff...

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Of all places to leave a purse...

Why MIT? D:

Okay, so my purse has been missing for a while now, I just hadn't noticed until recently. Last week I went to a MySql meeting with my dad, that was being held in a room at MIT.

Sora called me during the meeting, so I took my phone out of my purse, and it ended up in my pocket. Which is why I have my phone now.

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Her eyes

Her eyes are like the ocean
within them is the sky
So deep, so blue, so full of life
and words that pass us by

So many things to wish for
So far out of reach
So many things to tell her
So many things to teach

I wish to walk on water
To fall into the sky
I wish I wouldn't be so scared
Without a reason why

To dance among the clouds
To waltz into the sea

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Can't sleep. Rearangement. Dehydration.

Okay, I can't sleep so I'm up writing a journal entry. XD

Today I rearranged my room. I put all of my video game consoles in here. (Which is so not a part of my plan to get Sora into my room more often... Really... (It really isn't! I didn't think of that until after I had moved everything into place.))

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Things that tick me off..

Because I feel like being a pessimist. I can't be entirely optimistic all of the time right? So I'm going to make a list of pet peeves and stuff. Because I'm bored...

  • When people say that Photography is not an art. When I hear people say this you can probably see smoke come out of my ears.
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