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Ya gotta watch out

I'm almost concerned..
I am snapping.
Where I am going I have no idea.
Could be good, could be bad,
god damn it, it is inevitable...

Ya gotta watch out for the quiet ones.
Ya gotta watch out for the ones who take your shit
with a fuckin' smile.
Old guy working at Starbucks is going to go loco on your ass,
buddy boy
And you deserve it

Ugly is the meal of the day.
Serve it on up with a slice of lemon.

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Note I left my Narcissist

How can I say I love you back?
You never made me happy.

Such a long time.
Such a long time we've known.
Why are you holding on?
Why won't you let me go?
Let me go.
Don't act so beaten.

I've given up that you'll call.
I've given up that you'll try.
I've given up that you know
a damn thing
about me
and why I care.

I leave you in the morning
I won't sit and watch you sleep
I won't allow you to hold me

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Another F*cking wedding to attend!

Yet another of my friends is getting married. This Weekend. Sh*t.

I am happy for her, really I am (suppress it down, girl). LOL.

Actually, I am happy for her. I am just not happy for ME. Who is left to go through the ups and downs of singledom with me?! Pooooor Me!!


I love my life. I am simply sick of people looking and treating me like a freak for not being married yet! 26- damned old maid?! These people are stuck in the stone ages!!

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The Medicine Man Can

What do you do to heal? To get well? To become whole after having a chunk bitten outta ya?

I have been the walking dead. Draggin my corpse around and going through the motions. This is what I've had to do. I can't just lay down and die. That is too undramatic and unromantic an ending for me.

My skin is dry. I am dehydrated. Living off coffee and cigarettes like it were food. My tongue feels nasty in the mornings. My lungs hurt when I laugh. The bags under my eyes make me look like I am withdrawing from a hard drug. I don't sleep well. My mind is sluggish and ugly.

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Police and Who can get away with What?!

About 6 months ago I had a lil run-in the with cops. Not my first time.
On this particular occasion, they were driving by while I was beating the piss out of a dude. They screeched on the brakes, and came racing up.
The dude freaked out "ohhh great, now we're gonna get arrested because of YOU!". He was terrified of getting arrested. How can I blame him? He had his hands around my throat when the cops pulled up!

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Oh No; I'm a Country Girl!

My boyfriend, who spent his whole life in urban centers, turned to me today and said " You are such a sweet lil country woman. Do you even realize it? I found myself a gem. You don't care about the hustlen'bustle that everyone else is wrapped up in. Still, I gotta convince you to get a cell phone!"

He got me thinking. Is this how people see me? Kinda naive?! Kinda SIMPLE?! Kinda slowwwww?:) lol

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Droolin' over the Ex

I ran into my ex today. Last time I saw him was 2 years ago; when we broke up.
My God, he is so damn hot. I felt like jumping on him and going at it right there.
Of course, I didn't.
There has always been a crazy attraction between the two of us. It was insane, it is insane. It is that blinding, obsessive attraction. Reason just flies out the door.
He is the definition of sex to me.
Too bad we will never be able to work things out.

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I Will Die Young

I Will Die Young
I Love with a Hatchet
I Speak with a Blanket
I Live Alone
I Learned Too Much
I'm all full up
gotta gotta empty me
break me on the pavement.

I'm Gonna Die Young.
Please bury me next to his worn-out body.

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Rant on Waiting for Modern Love

Tonight, what will he bring?
What is his purpose in seeing me?
I'm having a bad day. I don't want to leave the house. I have to face the firing squad tomorrow. It would be nice if you brought me flowers.
No. That won't happen.

We have seen a lot together, and yet you still talk to me like a stranger.
Going crazy feels like going sane; surely going sane feels like going mad. You laugh at all of it. It does not apply to you.

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Confessions from an Old World Woman

I long for the days of confessionals. A confession over the water instead of in the bar or coffee shop.
This New World of snips and snaps makes my brain hurt. I have no desire to run with this insane group of techno-freaks. We're plowing our streets with human bodies.
It's sick.
Where the hell is my Saint?!
My saints have been eaten up. They are walking ghosts. They are floating around the world high on pills and music.

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